Divine Mother Blessings made by Isabel Henn March 19, 2015

This jewelry is NOT reserved for women only, men can wear these pieces also!!!


NEW!!! I can offer now customized Divine Mother Blessing bracelets. These pieces are designed by Divine Mother specially for you and are in this totally unique. She gives me exactly which crystals, how many and the order of the crystals in the bracelet. After making it, I will clean and then infuse it with different kinds of reiki and with the power of the diamond flame. The love and blessings of Divine Mother are forever ingrained in each bracelet.

I need only the length and if the bracelet shall be made with elastic, lobster clasp or toggle, both made of sterling silver.

Prize for such a bracelet is 100 Euro including shipping and handling.

Prize for matching earrings is 50 Euro including shipping and handling.

Prize for a matching neckless is 300 Euro including shipping and handling..

Prize for a complete set is 400 Euro including shipping and handling.

To order please contact me at isabelhenn@gmx.de  for further information.

20150308_165902This is how the first set looks like, black tourmaline, orange Calcite and orange Aventurine. All metallic pieces are pure silver except the wire.

All customized bracelets or sets are unique and made for the needs of the receiver. It won’t be made twice.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

All pieces are designed by the Divine Mother through Isabel Henn. Her divine love is embedded in the design and all bracelets and earrings will be blessed by the Divine Mother to boost the purpose. A portion of the proceeds goes to the Carla and Ross Reiki Scholarship. Read more about this here…

Gem beads are a natural product, so variations in color, form and size are normal and each piece is therefore unique. Pictures shown here are made from my own pieces.

All pieces will be cleaned and charged energetically by reiki master Isabel Henn and blessed by Divine Mother before they will be shipped to you.

The bracelets are available with elastic or with silver lobster clasp.

Earrings with two beads only will be made as a bit art like a music treble clef.

All earrings come with a pair of plastic stopper to prevent losing them.

All metallic is sterling silver except the wire for the bracelets which is a nylon coated steel wire.

Prizes don’t reflect all the energies all pieces are infused with.

Prizes are including shipping and handling in Euro. Please note that prizes for materials in Germany are not to compare with the prizes for the same beads or silver in the USA.

Prizes are calculated for a 18 cm/7 inch bracelet. If you want your bracelet much longer I maybe need to add the prize for the beads more, at least for the more prizy beads. As this is a new concept for me allow me to adjust prizes if needed.

To order please contact me at isabelhenn@gmx.de  for further information.

 From time to time more pieces will be added so you are welcome to come back.

These are the latest bracelets, you can find more on the site


16) “Limoria”

Limoria is the Sirian name for Lemuria. Being among others the Princess of Limoria I have deep ingrained memories especially of the rescue mission when it sank into the waters of the Pacifiv Ocean and a longing to see Lemuria again. It shall help you above all to heal from painful memories related to the sinking of beautiful Lemuria.

Limoria is made of Black Tourmalin, Foamy Coral and Aquamarin. Black Tourmalin enhances psychic abilities and strong protection, Coral expedites and accelerates the transfer of knowledge. Aquamarine helps to heighten your courage when you are handling grief, and are powerful to assist self healing and aid clear communication with the Divine source of all that is. They have strong metaphysical properties that help you to let go of old emotional issues you may be holding on to.


Prize for a bracelet is 52 Euro, for earrings 26 Euro, as set for 68 Euro.


17) “Saphira” – The Dragon Bracelet

I couldn’t sleep in the night and so Divine Mother asked me to make another bracelet. Saphira is the name I gave to my beautiful Dragon Lady Ifegena before I knew her true name. Her father Bireto is the King of the Dragon Realm. She is blue and contacted me while reading “Eragon” the first time. Eragon’s blue Dragon is named Saphira.

The Saphire in the bracelet stands for her. The Citrine stands for her beautiful daughter Epirose (Sirian word for “Divinity”) who is a golden Dragon and the Dragon keeper for the Golden Age of Gaia. The Rainbow Moonstone, the stone of the Divine Feminine stands for me.

This bracelet is infused not only with the love of Divine Mother and reiki energies, but the magic and love of the Dragons and their healing power is also in it. This bracelet is blessed by Divine Mother, Saphira and Epirose and helps you to connect with Divine Mother and the Dragons.

The Saphira bracelet carries with it the energy of the Dragons Lady Ifegena and Epirose. (The charm is not included in the bracelet but is included to help you pick up the energy that is in the bracelet itself)


Prize for a bracelet is 80 Euro, for earrings 40 Euro, as set for 110 Euro. There are many expensive stones and silver pieces in both pieces. For these earrings I chose closed earrings, that can’t get lost easily.


18) “Reunion”

This bracelet is created to assist you in the reunion with your Twin Flame, incarnate or in the higher realms.

Reunion is made of pink Opal from the Andes, Lapis Lazuli, Garnet and Blue Chalcedony. The pink Opal and Garnet aid in the relationship with your partner especially with your Twin Flame. Blue Chalcedony may aid in your communication with the higher realms and Lapis Lazuli strengthens also your psychic and communication abilies.

(The charm is not included in the bracelet but is included to help you pick up the energy, the LOVE that is in the bracelet itself)


Prize for a bracelet is 52 Euro, for earrings 26 Euro, as set for 68 Euro.


19) “Gaia”

This bracelet shall help us to better connect with our Earth’s soul GAIA and to Source/Creator and to help us to heal ourselves and Mother Earth. The stones represent the elements and elementals, Unicorns, seasons, nature, day and night. Snowflake obsidian for earth and winter, Aquamarine for water, Blue Chalcedony for spring, air and sky, Ruby with Zoisite for nature, Fire Agate for fire, the Dragon Realm and autumn (colors of fall leaves), Lapis Lazuli for night and the cosmos and with this the connection to our Galactic families and the yellow-orange Calcite is for the day, sun and summer. This bracelet aids you in grounding, protecting, releasing, growing spiritually and in psychic abilities. The night blue coat (Lapis Lazuli) of Divine Mother and the golden coat (Calcite) of Divine Father embrace you with their love and help you to connect with them.


Prize for a bracelet is 60 Euro.


20) “Atlantis”

This bracelet shall help release pain and feelings of guilt from the fall of Atlantis through black Onyx, Amethyst transmutes these old energies and Rose Quartz brings love to open the heart and for healing.


Prize for a bracelet is 52 Euro, for earrings 26 Euro, as set for 68 Euro.


21) “Magic”

This bracelet aids you in developing psychic gifts like clairvoyance and intuition. Labradorite awakens magical and mystical abilities, Sodalite aids truth and can accelerate the development of psychic abilities. Sunstone may bring joy and good feelings into your life. It is a manifestation stone and will bring you what you what is for your highest best. Clear Quartz boosts the other stones. Ruby with Zoisite enhances creativity, aids in learning psychic abilities and may help you to understand yourself and the world around you. It is also helping with adrenal fatigue, depression and immune problems.

Due to too small holes in the Labradorite beads I can offer this bracelet at the moment only with wire and a toggle for easier handling. As soon as I have found a provider for beads with bigger holes I can offer also the elastic version. I tried it and too many beads broke under reaming the holes.

MagicPrize for a bracelet is 52 Euro.


 22) “Prosperity”
This bracelet is made with Moss Agate, Fire Agate, Ruby with Zoisite, Citrine, Green Aventurine, Sunstone, Blue Aventurine, Labradorite, Clear Quartz and Amethyst the alchemic transformation crystal as spacer beads. All these different crystals with their particular properties shall help you to manifest a life in prosperity and abundance.

This bracelet will not only be blessed by Divine Mother but also by Gaia herself.

ProsperityFor longer bracelets than 18 cm/7 inch I will add more amethyst beads when a third sequence would be too long.

Prize for a bracelet is 54 Euro.


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Copyright © 2012 – 2015 by Isabel Henn. https://thesilverplatinumflame.wordpress.com/

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