My Journal March 29, 2015 – Golden Star

Log Entry Earth Time March 29, 2015, 11:21.45 pm CEST

I feel good, although in pain, I feel good.

On Tuesday I had my medical examination in Munich to see if I am still able to do my duty or not. The doctor was kind and listened. She wrote down what I answered to her questions about my education and work. She listened also what I told her about the bullying in former workplaces and the conditions on my current one. The neverending immense stress, the bad atmosphere there and that this stress and atmosphere made me so sick. She sees that I can’t go back to there even if I would be healed, it would come back faster than I could think.

She examined me and we discussed my options, what I could expect financially.

My pension will be small, too small for a living with my kids. Being at home eight years for my kids wasn’t good for my pension, but I can’t go back to this special workplace. She will tell the administrational part that is responsible for all the personal stuff that I am not able to work, she will suggest another examination in two years. I could be reactivated when my health would be better then. We will see. I have no date yet when I will be retired early.

I trust my Twin Flame Silverstar who tells me that he will take care of all we need for a living, that he will see that all financial needs are met. He asked me to trust him, only then he can care for this. I trust and I know it is true. He and my HS send me customers for bracelets, shields and readings. I manifest what I desire. More will come as all jewelry I make is special, designed by Divine Mother and blessed by her, some additionally by the Pegasus Asaga, the Dragons Lady Ifegena and her daughter Epirose and one by Gaia.

All jewelry is cleaned energetically and then charged with the Diamond Flame and Reiki energies. I am a Reiki Master myself.

He gave me also an advice to reduce my weight gain due to all the cortisone and other medication. I should stop thinking that what I eat and drink make me fat. I shall visualize myself being lean again like I was some years ago before all my health problems started. To think and act as having my dream weight (back). I eat healthy and do my exercises and especially in meditation I see myself like I was earlier. The Universe can’t differ if it is real or imagination. It delivers what we send out. This simple.

What I send out I get back, also called the Law of Attraction.

A week ago he designed a bracelet for me with matching earrings. It has Garnet, Blue Sapphire, Citrine, Aquamarine and silver. He told me to take wire and a silver toggle and to insert one of the hummingbird charms I got as a gift. And he told me this to it.

He says he loves me day and night under the Sirian sky and the hummingbird shall whisper this into my ears.

20150322_014253I wear it every day and I feel his love in it.

I got another bracelet yesterday, from my Higher Self.

I ask her since long to give me my full consciousness back and all my powers and abilities that are mine since eternity. She always repeats that she can give it back only slowly. Then yesterday I read a blogpost of my close friend where she talks about the bracelet a former incarnation gave her and that she wants her full energies back too, to be whole again.

During some exercises on my cross trainer I asked my HS again to give me my energies and consciousness back with all that is related with this. She explained again, that she is already giving me back but also that I have to consciously accept it on a regular basis. I did and then she said that she can’t release it too fast. She could do this maybe with a normal human who is already high evolved, but MY consciousness is vast, so vast that I can’t fathom it completely at the moment. She HAS to be careful and slow enough to not let my bodies and auric field explode when all the energies would flow in an instant through me. I understand her better now and I can’t do my mission when my body explodes. It would bring me back home, but my mission…. 😦

I accept it.

Then she told me she would design a bracelet for me and she gave me exactly the bead and how many of them. It has one Lapis Lazuli bead, then Labradorite, Rainbow Moonstone, Aqua Aura, Ruby with Zoisite, Apache Tears and many silver rings. She told me to make it with elastic and to wear it 24/7 except for the shower and exercises.

20150329_011612This is ‘Golden Star’, as this is the name of my HS and this is who I truly AM. We are ONE and she has merged completely with me.

Later last night Silverstar and my HS activated the bracelet for me. It works.

This is what a friend told me this evening what happened to her.

“I don’t know the significance, but you were in my dream last night. In the dream, you received a major upgrade in vibrations. When that occurred, you were surrounded with bright golden light, which filled the whole area, and shot straight through me, and gave me such an impact, it startled me even in my sleep. The feeling was immense – even in my sleeping state.

Whatever was going on, it was major!

It was quite an impact on my senses even being in the same room with you in my dream when that occurred.”

I asked Silverstar and he confirmed, the Golden Light is his light, the white golden ray.

It is the bracelet from my HS.

Later when I did my healings, energy work and my meditation I could feel it very strong, stronger than ever. My palms were so warm during the healings – my healing abilities seem to be stronger – and I feel as if my whole being is expanded. I feel the connection to my ship stronger now, my beautiful Mesime, my ‘Light of God’. SaLuSa told me she is in position in the outer atmosphere as she is so big – bigger than two earths – she could disturb the fields of Earth if she would come closer to us. She is still cloaked but she is here and I feel her. And with her is a huge fleet of motherships, scoutships and other lightships.

They don’t rescue us but they help us and secure our atmosphere that no negative being can go through to us.

Silverstar asks me to tell you that the end of all suffering is near, very near. He chose this video, The Great Bell Chant (The End Of Suffering)with Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh for you.

The Great Bell Chant

He loves all of our children like I do, each and everyone of you, without measure and in all eternity.

I love all that is!

❤ ❤ ❤

I AM the I AM

I am the Love, I am the Light, I am the Life

Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

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My Journal March 24, 2015 – Why let God this happen today?

Log Entry Earth Time March 24, 2015, 09:19.35 pm CEST

I pray for the 150 persons who died in the German Wings airplane that crashed at about 9:53 UTC in the French Alps on their way from Spain to Germany. Spanish, French and German women, men and children, even 2 babies. I pray also for their families and friends and send love to all.

I heard about this when I drove to Munich today for my medicinal examination to see if I am able to do my work or not. It was shortly after it happened and at first they said the plane was missing. Not long after it they knew it had crashed.


This is a tragic end for these people. I heard voices on radio how it could be possible that God let this happen. And why?

There are no random concidences in life. What happens in our lives, it is meant to be and it is pre-planned to be. Before we incarnated. With this I don’t mean the toast that lands on the floor after you made it or that your key falls down. But especially these life changing things.

We all have our Guardian Angels who protect us. Some have one or two, others have more. I know of at least seven Guardian Angels for me and three of them are Archangels. Two are incarnations of Archangels. They do a perfect job and I know of so many moments they saved my life and often enough also the life of my son who was with me.

So many accidents they prevented from happening as they weren’t meant to be.

Before we incarnate we plan our life together with our guides; which people we will meet, our profession, where we live, our family members, even our pets who live with us for a time. If we will be sick or have accidents. Nothing happens by chance. We plan our life lessons we want to learn in this incarnation. For some souls it will be a severe illness that shall help them to learn a specific lesson. Other souls want to experience death in an accident. It has all a certain purpose. Most often there is more than one soul involved, family members or friends or even a stranger will be ignitor for a lesson or an event will ignite a lesson for them. In this case maybe to work with loss and grief, to overcome it or to help others.

Such accidents and the people involved, the ‘victims’ are often catalysts for growing, for developments in many ways.

Like my best friend said:

They are awakeners.

The international part of it to show we are One in grief and loss…

She is right, this is one aspect. If there is more? I can’t tell.

So, this maybe explains a bit how and why God let this happen.

She/He love their children so deep and without measure. They would never prevent a soul from learning a valid lesson. They send Angels to protect people from what is not a lesson, so how could they ‘steal’ a possibility to learn a necessary lesson from them?

God doesn’t interfere with the lessons, development, growth of her children.

Would you keep your toddler from learning how to walk to prevent it from falling?


You know that this is part of the lesson how to walk. You love your children and want it to learn this and other lessons in life even if it is sometimes a painful lesson like falling from a bike when they are older.

And God who loves us all unconditional and in all eternity wants You to be able to learn Your lesson, to make Your individual experiences however they may be, even if it is a fatal accident.

God knows that no soul dies, that living beings (humans and also animals too) just change dimensions. They are always there for their loved ones. Only in an other dimension.

We are here for a mission and for growing, evolving. Sometimes this implies fatal accidents or catastrophes, or a passing after severe illness.

It is hard for the families and friends, for those left behind and this is a lesson, an experience for them too.

If you are confronted with such things and may it be only as a ‘bystander’, be there for your fellow men who go through such a loss. Hold them in your arms and let them cry. You don’t need to say a word, just be there for them, that they don’t have to go through this alone. Be compassionate. Send them your love or hold them in your love.

Here is a wonderful facebook page from an amazing woman who had to go through enough of it. She wants to assist those who experience loss too. To help in the transformation of grief and loss.

I bow in reverance, tribute and gratitude for the brave souls who are catalysts today, who awaken people with their passing. Who unite countries in their collective grief and loss.

Who agreed to this before they incarnated.

I know Divine Mother and Divine Father do this too.

Not one of them today suffered, this is what Divine Father tells me.

And maybe there is a lesson for each of us in this.

To love more, our families and friends as we can’t know what their or our lessons may be or if we will see them in the evening or the other day.

And not only our loved ones but each and every living being on earth, including our Mother Earth, Gaia, who suffers so much through our doing and making or not doing and making.

To be there for others. In good times and sad times.

To help and support our fellow men especially in tragic moments.

I see with joy that more and more people don’t pass beings in need, but stop and offer help.

And in case you are in such a situation, know, that you are never alone. There are myriads of Archangels and Angels waiting to help you. Just call them and you don’t need any rituals or special prayers. Just call them and if it is only an ‘Angels help’. They hear you.

You can even ask your Divine parents/God. They love to help their children when it doesn’t interfere with their lessons. But give all possible help to master the lesson.

Silverstar wants me to include this video, the one I repeated endlessly the day I reconnected with him over three years ago. When he helped me to release pain and old Karma from past lives. He is always there for us, if we know it and call him or not.

And this to reassure you, to let you know You’ll never walk alone

Silverstar and I, we love you all, we embrace you, we envelop you with our unconditional love, each and everyone of you, without measure and in all eternity.

I love all that is!

❤ ❤ ❤

I AM the I AM

I am the Love, I am the Light, I am the Life

Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

Copyright © 2012 – 2015 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

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My Journal March 17, 2015

Log Entry Earth Time March 17, 2015, 10:59.16 pm CEST

20150317_230003[1]This is a message from my Twin Flame Silverstar. Last week I had to buy new jeans, I couldn’t delay it any longer although I hadn’t lost weight already. So I drove to the next village to a shop that has not only clothes but also stuff for homes.

Directly outside at the entrance there was a rack with shopping bags in different colors. I had already looked for an additional one for all the beads and tools for my jewelry and there it was. A turquoise colored bag with this message on it.


I knew in an instant that this was his wish for me to have more fun and joy in my life.

To work with all the different gem beads to create jewelry under the guidance of Divine Mother MAKES me happy.

Something has changed in me with my acceptance of my near future, my trust in my Twin Flame and my team to provide me with all I desire for me and my kids. They know about my circumstances, the high mortgage and other expenses.

I trust and surrender.

Yesterday I made a decision. If I have to stay here for a while longer and will be retired I want to enjoy my life beginning with the Now.

Finally I was able to do this, some months ago I wasn’t and I would have had nightmares and worries for my future. I have let go all the worries and I sent the Universe the signal that I am ready for a wonderful joyous life as long as I am here.

I know the Universe will deliver me what I sent out.

As soon as I made my decision I felt much better. It is as if a heavy weight was lifted from my soul and my body. I feel lighter than ever and look with confidence into my future. I will be able to fulfill this mission that is waiting for me too.

Until then I have to work on my body and my agility. I want it back, I want to be slim again like I was some years ago. It is hard work as I gained so much weight especially the last months with all the shots and medication. I have reduced already my food intake but I can’t go to a zero food intake yet. I still have to eat. There will be some changes too but the most important thing for losing weight will be exercises.

I MUST do exercises if it hurts or not. Today I started with 10 minutes on my cross trainer and 5 minutes on my indoor bike. It is not much but it is a beginning. It is my intention to do this each day now. It will be easier when I lose weight and the loss will be good for my knees and my whole body.

Yesterday I also chose to be happy again and it doesn’t matter if I am going home now or maybe in one or two years. I KNOW I am going home but my mission comes first. It is too important for not accomplishing it, for letting it go for my happyness being physically with Silverstar and my family.

I can be happy just by making the decision for this. Everybody can do this.

True happyness has nothing to do with outside sources. These can vanish and I would be unhappy or desperate then. To be truly happy is just this, a decision to be made. Who says that I have to be unhappy or happy other than I myself? Is it not much better and nicer to be happy instead of being unhappy? It is just a choice. My choice, and your choice for yourself. You can be happy the instant you choose it no matter the circumstances.

It is just this easy. And I want to tell you a small secret. In being happy you raise your vibration incredibly high. Like the acceleration of a sports car, from 0 to 100 in 4 seconds only much faster, from 0 to 800 or 1000 in 1 second.

Try it. When you are unhappy the next time just say to yourself: I choose to be happy, NOW!

At the beginning it may help you to remember happy moments in your life. Think about this in a calm good time and ‘save’ for yourself what memories you chose for this. And the next time you are unhappy ‘load’ this memory, dwell in this and BE happy. And then after a while you can be happy just by choosing it.

I tell you what memory makes ME happy. It is the memory of lying in the arms of my beloved husband in all eternity, Silverstar. Being there, at home, and if it is only energetically.

He sent me this song from Rod Stewart

‘Have I told you lately that I love you’

He tells me every day that he loves me so much and I know he means it, I can feel his wonderful all embracing love. I love him just the same and I can send him this song in return.

Enjoy listening to it ❤

Silverstar and I, we love you all, we embrace you, we envelop you with our unconditional love, each and everyone of you, without measure and in all eternity.

I love all that is!

❤ ❤ ❤

I AM the I AM

I am the Love, I am the Light, I am the Life

Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

Copyright © 2012 – 2015 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

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My Journal March 15, 2015 – My New Old Mission

Log Entry Earth Time March 15, 2015, 09:42.05 pm CEST

Things are changing for me and this means that my whole life will change.

I feel it deep in my heart that I won’t go back to work. It is now only a matter of the officials and the administration. In this a relief for me when I think of the low and dense energies there. They hurt me as I vibrate on a much much higher level. I feel so uncomfortable there and this adds to my high stress level when I have to work.

Hopefully my health will improve then too and my presumedly adrenal fatigue can heal.

My wish to go back home to Sirius and AEON is still predominant in me but I know also that I can’t go now or all my efforts would have been in vain. I am still needed on Earth to help raise the vibrations. Sure if my body would fail I would go home, but my team and my Twins will do all to prevent this as much as possible, the failure, and in this my going home. I feel the longing of my twins for having me back. I long for them too, it hurts to be away from them but I am realistic enough to know that the work has to be done. So for me this is the new old mission. New, because I thought I had all done and could be free to do what my heart longs for. I am honest in this and I am honest too to know that my heart longs for humanity to finally leave 3D. Old, because this is what I came here to do. It is still a part of the big mission. Originally my soul is so high evolved that there was no need to go through all these lessons and hardships. That I have to ascend to be able to go back is only the result of my descending to 4D in preparation of this one incarnation.

Would I do this again? NO!!! Only my love to Gaia and her humanity led me to my decision to help.

So, you have to bear my presence on Earth some time longer.

My beloved Twin Silverstar told me all my financial needs will be met and I could concentrate on my spiritual job. I trust him completely (I needed my time for this to happen) and he keeps his word as he showed me with the purchase of some beautiful high energy earrings he told me to buy and he would provide the money for. The next day I had a request for a Diamond Shield of Divine Mother. 🙂

I believe also that he managed the request for a set of the Divine Mother Blessing customized jewelry, a bracelet, earrings and a necklace. It is made of black Tourmaline, orange Calcite and orange Aventurine and all other parts pure silver except the wire.20150308_165902No customized bracelet or set will be the same and it is made only once. Divine Mother tells me exactly what sort of bead and the way to arrange them. She knows her children and what they need, what will help or heal them.

Sometimes She just gives me hints or a feeling what to create, like She did with the ‘Gaia’ bracelet. I chose and arranged as long as She gave me the okay that it was what She wanted me to do.


I love to work with beads and to make jewelry and I trust that they will send me enough recipients for customized or normal bracelets which are available for all. This will help me to earn a living besides my small pension I will get so that I will be able to concentrate on my energy and light work.

I know I can do it and I stop having thoughts of a possible failure or of lack. Would I think these thoughts I would manifest exactly that and who wants or needs this?

I desire a wonderful and comfortable life in abundance. I am grateful for this in advance. I feel how it is and these my vibrations I send out induce the Universe to provide me with more of what I desire. To manifest is a vibrational thing. I feel what I desire and I feel how it is to have it in my life and then I think about having it. The Universal Law of Attraction can then only deliver me what I vibrate. It can’t make the distinction between my having it physically or my ‘dreaming’ of it. What I vibrate I attract, it is this simple.

I am honest enough to say, that I am still on my way of being perfect in this, but I know now how to do and I do it more and more.

As sophisticated and versatile the magic of Creation is or seems to be, I know that it is simple in its structure. Creator, the Divine Mother, because She is the one who creates, loves the elegance and beauty of simplicity. Her motto is: “Why complicated when it can be easy and simple?”

Until I remember how to manifest and create out of nothing – which is only energy in itself as all that is is just energy in various forms and conditions – I have to use the Law of Attraction for this. I am confident and my growing success is speaking for itself. Knowing who I truly am makes it a bit easier for me as I know I can do it and have done it since eternity. I am only reclaiming my abilities and power.

Most of humanity has to do this but at first they have to wake up out of the slumber of illusion. It is my will and order for all my children to wake up!!!

Wake up humanity, your sleeping time is over!!!

Rub the sleep out of your eyes and look around, reclaim your innate power and abilities. Reclaim your sovereignty as the children of Creator you truly are!

I don’t want to stay forever here on Earth, as beautiful as she is and as much as I love her, but I have my true home too and I want to return to there, to my loving Twins Silverstar and SaLuSa, my family and my Sirian people, whom I all love and miss so much that my heart is aching with each beat it makes.

I love them, I love humanity


I love all that is!

❤ ❤ ❤

I AM the I AM

I am the Love, I am the Light, I am the Life

Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

Copyright © 2012 – 2015 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

My Journal March 05, 2015 – New Directions

Log Entry Earth Time March 05, 2015, 08:16.35 pm CEST

It is some time now, that I wrote my last journal entry. Much has happened since then.

Kiba is fine and his leg is healed. In one month he has to see the vet again for an x-ray and to see if the plate has to be removed or not. I hope for the not.

Kiba’s behavior is much better too than the last half year although there are still things he has to learn. He receives his daily reiki and we are much sterner now and he is learning that he isn’t the boss. I am the boss, the BIG BOSS. He loves to cuddle and during the nights he is peacefully sleeping on my bed. Kiba is on the way to become a wonderful member of my small family.

20150208_151654For me personally things are changing too.

I am still off work, my body is hurting even more as I am off the cortisone for some necessary tests. Not long ago I got a letter from our administration, I have to go to a medical examiner to see if I am still able to do my work. If that doctor says no, then I will be forced to retire early. I am not yet sure what to do, the energies on my workplace are so dense, low and negative, much too low for my own very high vibrational level. One of the highest levels on earth. It hurts to be there and with all the co-workers, who are fully in the illusion and sleeping deep.

My Twin Silverstar told me they would take care of me, that I will have enough to support my family. I trust him and I work on my manifestation ability. I was successful last week, with a payback for power utilies. I am slowly stepping into my abilities and power.

I do my own things too, I offer more services for people like life-coaching sessions and removals of implants and entities. I am working on the offer of healing sessions. I am a Reiki Master, Ethereal Crystal Master and attuned to Gold Reiki, Pegasus healing, Dragon Reiki  and through Divine Mother herself to Divine Diamond Reiki. As soon as this page is ready it will go online too.

Readings and the creation of the powerful protective Diamond Shield of Divine Mother are still available too.

Since end of January I make the Divine Mother Blessings. The design for this healing jewelry comes from Divine Mother through me and her love is embedded in the design. I clean all pieces energetically and then charge and infuse them with the diamond flame and reiki before the Mother blesses them. I make also customized jewelry, unique bracelets with matching earrings and necklesses. Divine Mother tells me exactly which kind of beads and the order how I have to place them. She knows what sort of healing her children need and her love and blessing boost the healing purpose.

All jewelry is made of gem beads and pure silver, except the wire or elastic.

If I really have to retire early my pension won’t be enough for a living as I have to pay a high monthly mortgage. My pension would be too small due to my being housewife and mother when my kids have been much younger. These years are missing to my pension. I can’t sell the house as my sons are tied to it through school and education. We live in the middle of the distance to school and education, both on the opponent end.

I trust my Twin Flame and my Higher Self that they will send me enough clients for my services and for the Divine Mother Blessings. I know they work and those who are wearing them already are rejoicing over the energies in them. Here is the link to the Blessings if you are interested to wear one of the beautiful bracelets or the customized jewelry. They are worth the money and the prizes don’t even reflect the energies the are infused with.


These and my services are accessible in my menue.

Yes, I trust my Twins and my team again. I know now why all this happened, the reason behind it and I have learned an important lesson too.

I would love to go back home to Sirius and AEON but am also aware of the fact that I am still needed here, that my presence on earth, on my beautiful beloved Gaia is necessary. That I can help all my children more when I do my energy work here. I feel it deep in my heart. I can’t shut my heart to them but I hope imploringly that they will finally wake up. It is high time for humanity to wake up and leave this illusion behind. My wake up call is loud and penetrating and not with words.

Wake up humanity, your sleeping time is over!!!

I love all that is!

❤ ❤ ❤

I AM the I AM

I am the love, I am the light, I am the life

Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

Copyright © 2012 – 2015 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.