My Journal November 15, 2014 – Are you under mind control? Wake up call!

Log Entry Earth Time November 15, 2014, 07:05.25 pm CEST


Today I want to talk about a critical and even provoking subject: MIND CONTROL.

Are you mind controlled or is your mind free to think?

But what do I mean with this?

I think the greatest part of humanity is mind controlled and brainwashed. Ouch, I Think I have hit a nerve. Who wants to be called mind controlled or even brainwashed? But let me explain what I want to tell you today.

You all know that we as humanity are under the rule of those that have not our best interest in heart. The 1%, the Cabal, Illuminati or however you name them. And how do they do this?

With their media, their advertisment, their movies.

Here in Germany only our public stations have advertisement free movie or TV series. Would I switch to the private stations who get their finances only through advertisments, then all movies and even TV series have breaks all ten minutes that are filled with ads.

You find them also in newspapers, magazines, in cinemas and advertising pillars or big billboards only to mention a few. All people can see and watch the ads.

You want to be ‘in’? Okay read the last fashion magazine and you know exactly what you have to wear and your whole family of course too.

Women be careful, that you don’t miss the last ad for cosmetics, you wouldn’t know what color your make-up, your lipstick and all the others must have. Exactly, MUST have.

You can’t wear any blue jeans, no, it must be the brand XX and your jacket must be brand XY.

This begins even in childhood. Kids can be cruel when you don’t wear the same brand like all others in the group. They look like twins, all of them only the colors may vary. Your kids don’t wear the same brand? Oh oh, they will be outsiders, outcasts.

For men it is the brand of their razors, aftershave, cars and tools.

Can you see how far the mind control through the big ones reaches? They dictate what you wear, eat and drive and much more. And all the products are well known brands. Actors wear the clothes in movies or advertisements, or well known sports people. The bandwidth is great. And of course all articles are expensive. They want our money and us to be their marionettes.

And there is another subject that concerns us women. Women in ads or models are beautiful women and additional to this they wear make-up to cover small or bigger flaws. Which woman doesn’t want to look like JLo or Gisele Bündchen or choose your favorite one.

Haven’t you already noticed that these ads also accentuate the sexual side of women? These women are mostly barely dressed. These ads are made by men, they want us women to look like these women, not for us to be beautiful but for their own pleasure. Their own sex-drive.

In my eyes, this is still the oppression of the feminine, the Divine Feminine. It is the oppression of the Divine Mother in all areas of life. The Illuminati are afraid of the Divine Mother, the true power of Creator in her female self. The Divine Mother is the one who gives birth and who creates. This is the reason why through ages the woman is repressed, raped, humiliated and mutilated. Why still today women earn less money for the same job than men, why in some countries a woman is still not allowed to drive a car or to show her face or hands. There is a saying, it is on the pic.

women wake mountains moveThe Cabal fear us women to wake up, they fear the power of the Divine Mother that is in each woman.

I want you to wake up, all of you, not only the women but also all men. To look behind the false promises and advertisements. The lies. Leave your comfort zone.

Be ‘IN’ in being ‘out’. Let us create a new movement with this.

Why is it necessary to hide the natural beauty of a face behind cosmetics all day? Why are we said to be ugly when we don’t use make-up? I can see it so often in reports about celebrities who go totally natural without make-up and in comfortable clothes. Journalists are like crazy to bawl them of being ugly or lazy and how could they do this? Are they crazy now, lovesick or more? Have they transmuted to sluts? And this just in the headlines without reading the reports.

Can you see the pattern in all this? Those who have not our best interest in mind use all this to control us. To make us slaves and get our money.

This is mind control. Hidden in advertisements and movies. So many people aren’t aware of it.

What can you do?

Switch the power of your TV to OFF. Buy stuff that isn’t advertised. Don’t believe all that is told you.


556166_239380309494696_100002681853864_428650_1120216415_nBe your own sovereign!


Open your eyes! Be yourself and not a puppet on a string.

You can do it. I know.

Something personally I want to share with you.

I stopped watching TV some years ago. My wonderful spirit guide, the Archangel Michael, told me someday that he could guide me much better since I stopped watching TV. I was able to notice his nudges and I began to think for myself.

And when you wonder now why I see these reports, okay, I have an email account and my provider has a startpage through which I have access only to my mailbox. Although I start my email immediately I can’t prevent to see the links to these reports together with the pictures in the time the homepage builds the start-up screen.

Please be critical and start thinking self.

Some days ago I switched from listening from CD to the radio in my car. Today when I drove home from shopping I listened to a song and I heard my wonderful husband of all eternity Silverstar telling me that he chose this song for me. It is his declaration of love for me. It is the first time he did this for me in that way. Enjoy!

He can’t die really as he is in spirit, but he wants to tell me he would do as he loves me so much. ❤

I love you all, infinite, without measure and in all eternity!

❤ ❤ ❤

I AM the I AM

I am the love, I am the light, I am the life

Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

Copyright © 2012 – 2014 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

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