My Journal August 21, 2014 – Some necessary words about Extraterrestrial Beings

Log Entry Earth Time August 21, 2014, 12:39.32 pm CEST

I am really astonished how so many lightworkers still act on Facebook. They see a beautiful picture but don’t seem to read the text that comes with it. I have already written about this in a recent journal. They comment like ‘how wonderful’ or make only heart smilies but don’t get to the true point in the post. That they were asked to share their opinion about a topic. I was one of few who really gave my view on it. It was a post where we were asked if a certain man who claims to have memories of millions of years could be our ‘SAVIOR”, if he alone could save us and earth, when we follow his teachings.

I said already that there is NO exclusivity with Creator’s messages and that NO SAVIOR is coming to rescue us. But also that we have all help in doing our work for our individual ascension process.

One reason for this may be the fact that people are taught from childhood on to NOT think for themselves. In truth they aren’t taught at all how to really think. They are fed with facts and beliefs and programs and only told to CHEW and chew and chew upon the same things. They need to learn how to THINK, but to think by themselves, leaving the box of PRE-Designed thinking. Be the round peg in the square hole 😉

It is easier to not think self. It could but bring things to decide about life in general and in small and that could be hurtful for some. But it is necessary for evolving, to let go all that doesn’t serve anymore. How can you find and let go what doesn’t serve you when you don’t ponder about it? You NEED to think self when you want to find out what is not serving your highest good and what you need to change in your life to live a life in your own highest good. It is worth learning to think self. Do it. 🙂 Stretch your mind, think different, think out of the box!!! Leave the BOX!!!

All this preliminaries are only leading you to my actual intention of this journal:

The existence of our galactic families and friends out there

We are fed with movies and reports of malevolent extraterrestrials (ET’s) or ‘Aliens’ how they are also named.  People are telling about abductions, experiments or even being forced to give birth to a hybrid child. Some of our technologies come from those negative Beings, most of them negative Greys, who cooperated in the last century with the US-Government and maybe others too. In exchange for some of their technologies they were allowed to abduct people and make experiments with them. There were other negative extraterrestrial races too who didn’t act in the interest of earth population but only their own.

This is over now, it has stopped. By free will of our beautiful, wonderful Mother Earth, by Gaia how her soul is called, and by free will of some human beings on her, the presence of malevolent ET’s on and around Earth is not allowed anymore. This is a divine decree by Creator her/himself.

See it like it is on earth, are there only ‘good’ americans, or are all germans Nazis?

No, there are both sides, people in all countries act ‘good’ or ‘bad’, on the whole scale of this polarity up and down. This is the same with the ET’s. There are malevolent but also – and they are the biggest part – there are benevolent extraterrestrials in all Galaxies of this our universe, in all other universes and multiverses and in all Creation.

All benevolent ET’s are spiritually higher evolved at least in the fifth Dimension like the Pleiadians.

There are billions of billions extraterrestrial beings in all Creation in all possible forms and variations, not all humanoid and many may look strange and formidable. Most of them ARE peaceful and higher evolved, spiritually and technologically. Please never forget:

All Beings in the whole of Creation, each and everyone, are children of the Divine Mother and Divine Father and loved beyond measure and in all eternity.

I invite you, I urge you to look behind the plan, the intention, why we are told that ‘Aliens’ are eating humans and want only to rape and destroy our planet after they have ransacked and ravaged Gaia. If they really would want this, they would have already done so. Okay in some things they have already but not in the way the dark side wants us to believe. That there would be an invasion of bloodthirsty aliens who only want to eat us, dead or alive.

See who is telling us those lies, see who has the most profit of that, see behind the lies. Follow the money and you have the reason and the source.

The Kabal and Illuminati don’t have any interest in benevolent galactic presence around or on earth that would prevent them in doing what they want. The dark ones can only exist through the energies of fear, caused by terror, war, destruction, pain and suffering and others. They fed themselves with the negative energies and low vibrations. They would starve and suffer like we do, if the energies and frequencies on earth would be higher. They do what they can to lower the vibrations here through all possible means. And in this among other things they create movies and reports and lies about malevolent alien beings. Don’t you know by now that mass media as also the cinema industry are prevailing in the hand of those who have not the best interest for us in their mind?

Please my dear friends and fellow lightworkers, light warriors and loveworkers, don’t fall for the lies they are telling us. They masquerade as lightworkers or channelers or spiritual organizations to spread disinformation and to create fear. I don’t judge and I know some of them are paid or just think they would spread worthy material with the best intention. Not all channeled material is of higher origin. I know because I myself was disturbed by negative beings two and a half years ago. I made my own experiences but I am clear and undisturbed since then now. I am shielded by the most powerful energy and nothing negative can come through other than I would invite it. And this I would never do. Many messages are but true worthy messages. Read all messages and articles through your heart and you will feel if you can trust it or put it aside.

Create a website that looks spiritual and from a spiritual organization maybe and spread both, true messages and false messages and people will believe all. Some of them exist already as a longterm subterfuge. And they tell you that they are the ONE and ONLY who has the power and legitimation to receive messages from on high or to save us. And all who don’t follow them and their teachings, prophecies and messages are lost forever and damned to braise in hell. And also that all extraterrestrials are negative malevolent bloodthirsty beings. Doesn’t raise that suspicions in you? It does in me, and hopefully now in you too!

At this time in our spiritual development as human beings ONLY higher evolved Beings of Light are allowed to be around and in the atmosphere of earth. We can see their lightships by night or cloudships by day and also the lightships in bright daylight too.

So many of our really true channeled messages come from benevolent positive galactic Beings. Don’t you love or appreciate the messages of SaLuSA, Ashtar, Sananda, Sanat Kumara, the Pleiadians and Arcturians? From the diverse galactic councils? From the Archangels? From the Ascended Masters? From Jesus? I do.

SaLuSa is a Being of Light from the sixth dimensional star Sirius A. I don’t know from where Ashtar originates, maybe I should ask him sometime. Jesus originates from Sirius too, did you know this? In this he is a galactic, an extraterrestrian, an ‘Alien’ too. Would you refuse him if he would come back to earth? Maybe you even wouldn’t recognize him when he would stand right in front of you. Is HE, an ‘Alien’, an ET, who is said to be the SAVIOR in this a malevolent being only because he has stellan origin? Does this origin make him a bloodthirsty alien? Think twice!!!

All Archangels and most Angels have their true origin, their true home in AEON and AEON is in the 350th Dimension on Sirius. This is not known to most of you. My own true home is in AEON and the Archangels and others are my family. I know this as truth. I remember as my consciousness is expanding more and more. Some of our wonderful messengers like SaLuSa are in truth also archangelic as they are incarnations of Archangels. SaLuSa is an incarnation of Archangel Raphael and Ashtar is an incarnation of Archangel Michael, to name only two well know beings.

Does this make the Archangels malevolent extraterrestrial Beings because they have stellan origin? Bloodthirsty aliens? Think twice!!!

These benevolent Beings, ET’s, our galactic brothers and sisters are here to help and assist us in our evolution, in our ascension process. I doubt that they could even be on earth except for a very short time and with a system that protects them against the dense and heavy energies on earth. The lower frequencies are hurting them who are vibrating so high we can’t even see them. SaLuSa told me once he would be able to lower his frequencies enough to be visible here, but it would be painful and he is an expert in energy and frequency work. I know aspects of him and others of my team are with me, around me, guarding, guiding and protecting me, but I can’t see them with my physical eyes, only with my third eye.

SaLuSa (1)

They have to shield themselves against our negative and low energies and frequencies and also against physical and etheric parasites we could transfer to them. This is one reason they can’t land yet, the other reason is they don’t want to induce fear in us. They so want to reunite with their incarnate family members, the many walk-ins and starseeds of the many galactic civilizations who have vowed to help and serve the Mother in this. They want to help us more intense as they can now, but how could they land when most people are so much afraid of them?

There is really no reason to fear these benevolent beings. And I am sure that only human and humanoid beings would land first as they know that we are ‘set’ on being afraid of all non-human ET’s and in some way of all ET’s. We need to reset ourselves in this in letting go of our fear of them. As I said already: only benevolent beings are allowed to be around earth.

Human evolution on earth is NOT what science and history books make us want to believe. The first human beings were created and brought to earth from stellan Beings. Siriuns, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Lyrans and others gave part of their DNA to create a human being that is able to live on earth and to bring a certain diversity on it on behalf of the Divine Mother. Earth is the planet of diversity, a beautiful diversity you can’t find somewhere else. This diversity is by intention and NOT to be changed by human beings and corporations like Monsanto or Nestle. Or by governmental organizations or the European Parliament.

Around 100.000 years ago following the divine plan a new Hue-man being was created, again with DNA and carefully selected traits of some stellan races from Sirius, the Pleiades, Arcturus, Lyra to name only a few. A sort of refreshed, remodeled human being was brought to earth to blend with the then aboriginal original human race that had become a decadent race that needed a refreshment, a revitalization.

The greater part of the inhabitants of my beloved Lemuria came from Sirius and also the Pleiades. Most of the inhabitants of Atlantis came from the Pleiades. Since beginning of the existence of Earth benevolent and also malevolent extraterrestrial beings have visited earth, played their part on her, gave teachings, technologies, buildings and other things to earth and her people. There is enough proof of this when you look for it. The ‘creators’ of the earthly human beings have observed and watched over us since eons. From time to time they visited earth out of different motivations. To correct the evolution or just to make profit out of earth and the inhabitants.

Don’t forget, it never happened before that a planet and her inhabitants ascended together with people ascending in their physical bodies. It is a Divine Plan and this Divine Plan will be fulfilled, this is sure, as sure as the amen in the church. To fulfill this plan millions of lightships with billions of benevolent beings in them and in other places work diligently for a great success and I know that it will be a success. I am one of the original planner. It is Creator’s Will that Gaia and her people will ascend and Creator’s WILL will be achieved. It can’t be the other way.

So let us reset our mindset of malevolent negative ET’s on or around earth and let us trust in our galactic and angelic families. They are performing Creator’s Will and we should greet them.

Now, how can we distinguish if a galactic being is benevolent or not? One thing is the fact that only higher evolved beings are allowed to be around earth or when the sign has been given, to land. The other important thing is, you will feel it. You will be able to feel their love, their unconditional love for us. They vibrate so high, you will be able to know and to feel. True unconditional love is so warm, so wonderful, like a warm winter jacket. It flows through your body and makes you feel so good, maybe you can feel a vibration in your body, like a bit electricity, but it is comfortable.

Malevolent beings aren’t able to make you feel in such a way. They induce fear or make you cold and shiver as if you are in icewater.

I bet with you, that all negative extraterrestrial beings are already somewhere else. Or in Area 51 or a similar place somewhere on this globe, but not free to move.

 I don’t know when they will be able to land, when the signal will be given. Maybe I am not here anymore and it could be that I am then in one of the lightships which are landing, in my own scoutship Meramis, that means ‘Radiance of the Mother’. As being EnnKa of Sirius, I will come back as an emissary of the Star Nation of Sirius, together with my then husband SaLuSa of Sirius. I love you all as I love all the stellan beings. Think about what I wrote now and make your very own thoughts about it. I would like to be greeted friendly when I’ll leave the Meramis.

I AM the IAM

I am love, I am light, I am life

Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

Copyright © 2012 – 2014 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

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