My Journal August 2, 2014 – I pushed the red button

 Galactic History Entry Earth Time August 2, 2014, 1:11.56 pm CEST


red button1YES!!!!!

I pushed this button, it was yesterday evening at 23:47 pm my timezone, on August 1, 2014.

Around two weeks ago I was talking with beloved Jesus and then suddenly he told me that the Universe and Multiverse would expect my call. My call for the changes to happen. All would be in balance now, the feminine and masculine energies, and that I need to push a red button in a silver holder to make the ‘tip’ for the changes to happen. That this would be my assignment.

I should meditate about this button and then push it when the time is right. I would know when the time would be right. I did and I could see the button onboard of my beautiful ship, the Mesime, but there was a transparent box around it and I had no access. I knew already that I had to wait until my new family member Parida, our new puppy and my sirian son with SaLuSa would be with us.

On Thursday, one of my children and I, we took Parida home.

20140731_194046This is my sweet one. He is still small like the size of a Chihuahua at the moment but he is just 8 weeks old, a baby.


At that evening I could see that the box had vanished, the button was free to push but I was too exhausted. I had to wait another day.

Yesterday was the time. A beloved friend and daughter in heaven came with me onboard ship so that I wouldn’t be alone. I did an astral travel and stood in front of this red button. I was told to push with all my might and not to doubt or have fear. I wasn’t afraid and I so longed to push it, but I hesitated. I wanted to do it right the first time, maybe I wouldn’t have another chance to push it. I had to be successfull the first push.

And then with both thumbs I pushed it, with all my power, and again to be sure that I really had pushed it. And when it was done I could hear applause.

I did it.

23:47 pm CEST August 1, 2014. I called for the changes to manifest.

I didn’t see or noticed what happened around me as I was focussing only onto the button. My friend told me afterwards what happened. We weren’t alone. My handsome husband and Twin Flame Silverstar was with us, and SaLuSa as the Commander of the Mesime, then Jesus, Ashtar and others too. The moment when I hesitated IZ (Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, who is in truth an Archangel) took me to Lemuria in time travel. He showed me my beloved Lemuria and I so want it to come back, to raise again. And then I pushed. IZ was singing ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ for me when I pushed.

I want my beloved Lemuria back and I want all the changes to happen for Earth and her inhabitants. And energies came out of the button, bright light that is flowing now from the ship to Earth, like a huge white laser.

From my friend: “…It was a circle like this, of intense bright bright LIGHT, that ‘kicked up’ in a big way, like a magnified version of the little ‘tail’ that comes off the back end of the jet ski.


My entire being pulsed with very strong power.

And I heard the alarms go off on board ship, with little red lights, as if it was ‘firing’ a weapon.

You were in the middle and this came out the instant you pushed.”

ME: “…maybe the alarms where like a real firing, but firing of this energies

into the galaxy…”

My friend: “…I think it was like a laser beam of white out the ship, and very thick.

No wimpy light pulse….”


Jesus told me that I could expect energy shifts now, that it is to approach Zero Point now, that I gave the final authorization and this is what he told me some days ago:

“Never think twice about how it will turn out. We have a surprise for you. And this is how we give it. When someone of your ‘weight and calibre’ in Lightwork Energy ‘requests’.

Your button is a ‘request’ for All Divine Assistance, which will by your free will, allow us to commence with the changes.

We say ‘at once’ up here in the Higher Realms and Heavens, but as you know, they might be some ‘lag’ and not to concern yourself about it.

What will hit will hit, and it is going to surprise everyone! Not only yourself.

Even the darkest and most deeply embedded in the system is going to breath a huge sigh of relief when that button is pushed.”

And also to write a journal about what happened tonight, that I may remember, that I had just written Galactic History.

I talked also with AA Michael, IZ and Silverstar.

Michael told me: “….So you would have the most support. We would help you but by the ‘rules of engagement’ we can’t. Only a terrestrial earthling who has had an earthly experience could by their free will push it. That is why you had to stay for your assignments after you Ascended and were done. We didn’t know about that tiny rule in the playbook until the other (dark ones) pointed it out. A ‘technicality’….”

All were happy that I finally pushed this button for the changes. I think the whole crew of the ship celebrated, I could hear and see them. Silverstar had a glass in his hand with a sort of galactic champagne (without alcohol as he said). He gave me one too. It was exquisite. And I joined them in celebrating.


With this last assignment completed I have my ‘mission accomplished’. I am free now to go home. I was told a bit how it may happen but don’t know when and how fast. Maybe gradually, that I re-merge with my Higher Self and then one day I will stay on my beautiful ship.

I don’t know what to expect, best will be to expect nothing and let it happen. I am only happy and glad that it is done and that my assignment is finished. That I am free to go together with my family, who will follow me. I wouldn’t go without them, Silverstar knows.

One thing I know for sure. When Lemuria is back I will come to earth and visit it. Am I not EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius? Limoria is the sirian word for Lemuria.

I AM the IAM

Princess EnnKa of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

Isabel, in my present earthly incarnation

Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

 Galactic History Entry Earth Time August 3, 2014, 4:58 pm CEST

Today I add these links which are related to what I did two days ago

10 thoughts on “My Journal August 2, 2014 – I pushed the red button

    • Protect yourself against negative energies and entities and go into your heartspace. Meditate and then listen to the small soft gentle voice in your heart. Maybe you can also use automatic writing, there are many methods.


      • Thank you deeply. But most importantly, thank you from the bottom of my heart for whom you have been and meant in my life through your earthly mission. I also want to go back home to Siria.


  1. Most fascinating and uplifting, as always! Thank you Sister, My warmest congratulations to you, for this “initiation” and for your new family member, your sweet pup. Infinite” Love and Light! ” (I Am Infinite DNA) ~ deedee


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