My Journal August 17, 2014 – On my way HOME

Log Entry Earth Time August 17, 2014, 7:45.45 pm CEST

The last days have been somewhat exhausting. Kiba is wild und sometimes irrepressible. He is strong-willed and pig-headed but I love him. Two days ago he was totally cuckoo. He let me chase him through the garden and my room to take away things from him that were definitelly NOT for him, being dangerous for him or he for them. He was biting us like never before.


Maybe something had frightened him or overcharged him and he didn’t felt secure. We don’t know. So we changed our tactic and education and it works now. He is still bold but we are much more consistent now and work even more with reward or non compliance.

All this stress with Kiba culminated finally in another fit of mistrust and doubt about my leaving. Not so heavy like the one before, but still there. The same night I got another confirmation from my Twin that I am in the process but also that they can’t give me a date for anything and I know now why.

I asked a friend to please get me an update from Jesus as he is one of my team and last night he and my friend talked with me. It was a nice conversation and cleared a lot for me. From time to time it is good to have an update and confirmation from ‘outside’ of myself to clear and answer questions.

I AM more than halfway in the higher dimension and my doubts and mistrust created a sort of setback, not severe but it happened. These doubts and my mistrust lowered my vibrations and this is counterproductive.

An important part of my healing was the explanation of what is happening with me, how I could see this process, my slowly waking up to my galactic presence. Bit by bit, step by step and the more time I am onboard ship or home in AEON, the faster and the more prolonged I am there. And then, one day I will fully wake up HOME.

Yesterday morning half asleep I made a out of body experience in AEON. I was with my consciousness there in my house, lying at the side of my wonderful husband Silverstar. Then I left my body and floated above the big bed on the terrace – yes, there is one too to be nearer the ocean and to enjoy it and sunbathe simultaneously. I could see us there and the first time I could see myself in my true being and the body I usually manifest for me. An elf body with long black hair, brown eyes, tall, slim, sun tanned and definitely not my face like I have as Isabel. This was my body as Golden Star. My husband has an elf body too, he is tall and slim with a six pack 😉 and suntanned too. His long hair is brown and like me he has slightly peaked ears. He is a truly handsome man. 🙂

And then suddenly I could see a movement, a sort of speed and I rushed back into my body, looking into the brown eyes with the silver sparkles of Silverstar. This was the first time I could see myself as who I really am. And I like what I could see.

Today on the ship when I was sitting in my swing I noticed that I had a sort of tablet in my hand. It looked like these movable monitors in Avatar, where you can move informations and pictures and more from one monitor to those ‘tablets’ to be free moving. Michael explained to me that I could read with this tablet, that all documents and books from all eternity would be available in a sort of energetic, digital form and I would onyl need to choose what I want to read.

I was also at HOME again, in my house and changed wonderful energies with my husband. It is a beautiful and fulfilling way to raise the vibrations and he really knows how to help and assist me. And he showed me my house, it is big with many rooms. Until today I didn’t dare to look around and today he took my hand and gave me a short tour through my house. The atelier, the musicroom, my herbal retreat, library, a wellness bathroom, sleepingrooms upstairs, a study and a room like an operation room in a battleship or starship with lots of hightech computers and monitors so that I can see what is actually happening in creation.

The ceiling of my sleepingroom is like a screen where I can have projections of different skies and weather situations, even starry skies although on Sirius there are no nights due to two suns. I have a surround system that can play music in each room, directed by switches, voice or thoughts. Funny. 🙂 I like also the fireplace there and in other rooms that creates a fire without heat. I can’t burn myself in it. It is there to create the comfortable atmosphere of a winter or fall evening at a fireplace without the need to have it. There are more rooms that wait for a further tour.

Living in the higher dimensions is a comfortable nice thing.

I have to admit I love my house. Thank you so much my wonderful children for this.

Tonight the suspicion aroused that Kiba could maybe be influenced by darker beings to prevent my leaving, to hold me back on earth. His behavior had so changed the last days that it would be obvious. So today the first thing after breakfast was to clean and heal him and then to create the Diamond Shield of the Divine Mother for him too. Now he is protected against all attacks or influences from the astral planes.

With this update and the explanation of my process I feel so much better. I understand it now and know what to do.

And I can trust now!!! I can more actively work on my process. All my work, all my assignments are finished here and I am really allowed to go now. I am on my way HOME

I AM the IAM

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

Copyright © 2012 – 2014 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

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