My Journal August 13, 2014

The last day and nights have been horrible, I felt so awful with a stomach infection in addition to my nausea from the weekly injection. And I still don’t know if these injections will help me in my healing process or if I have to stop with this therapy when my liver values are increasing as they are doing now. At a certain point I must stop this therapy. I am so tired of all this.

I don’t read much or comment although I like what I read, when I read. I have lost nearly all my interest in reading or doing any earthly things except my family – also some of my extended family as I know some of my children from behind the veil are in my life too as are my animals too – and making music. I am detaching more and more from this my existence in this duality.

The night before yesterday was awful as I spent so much time in my bathroom feeling so miserable, I couldn’t help myself and asked my team and my twin for help and healing. They did and I am so grateful for this. Each time it got worse I asked and they helped. I slept nearly the whole yesterday and the night.

I am looking for the lesson in this. To be grateful? I am.

To accept help and healing? I do.

To let go control? I do.

What else? I have to found out.

I spent much time on my ship in my habitat lying on the soft grass with my back on Asaga’s body. She gave me healing too with her horn and her company. She makes me happy as her name tells ‘My Happyness’. Feeling her love, her wonderful energies and her warm body is so wonderful. Healing.

And the same time as a multidimensional being I was in my house in AEON, a house some of my children built for me as a present. I remember only the bedroom and a big terrace with a direct view to the near ocean but I know the house is big and has much more rooms like a music room, a room for painting and creating, a crafting room, a kitchen, a library and a room for herbs and maybe more.

I spent time there lying in the arms of my twin Silverstar, enjoying his being with me and his healing and strengthening energies. He is such a wonderful handsome loving husband.

I feel better now and am still sleepy and feel weak. I couldn’t eat much only the needed to not create more nausea due to the injection. My stomach has to be busy or the nausea is stronger then.

My heart is full of love and peace and gratitude. I know I am at home wherever I AM. Home is ME, is in my heart although I so long to be physically home too. To be there with my full consciousness. Am I not One with all that is? Am I not all that is? How can I NOT be home then? It is only the physicality that is missing now. To see, hear and feel my family and friends with my physical eyes, ears and hands. I sense them when I touch their energies with my palms and I can see them with my third eye and hear them telepathically. It is the physical experience that is missing and this is still heavy and painful.

Is this a lesson to learn patience? Yes

And a lesson to stay in my heart and where my heart belongs to and longs to be. To be in joy and this video showed in my facebook newsfeed today.

Good old Beethoven you told us in your ‘Ode to Joy’. Thank you for all your wonderful music.

After lying for hours just on the grass on my ship this noon I was able to stand up, cuddling with Asaga and also with Bobby and to sit on my swing hammock. I let go and surrender to my Higher Self who sets the course for my transition. I have to trust her in this and I do. I assist her in being consciously on the ship and in my house in AEON.

I don’t remember how my body as EnnKa looks, it is an elf body, taller and slimmer as I am now in my human body. Female elves are said to be 6 to 7 feet and male elves to be 7 to 8 feet tall. I have long dark hair and brown eyes and my skin would be light but usually sun tanned as we nourish ourselves mostly from sun light. My ears are a bit peaked but not so much as it is pictured in cartoons or some movies, it is more like the ears of Legolas in ‘The Lord of the Rings’. As Elves we are human and gave much of our DNA for the creation of the human race on earth.

I also believe strongly that Archangels have an elf body when they manifest one and that the Divine Mother and Divine Father have an elf body too. I can’t prove this, it is just a feeling I have, as sort of knowing, as I also know that AEON is on Sirius but in the 360th Dimension. This is HOME for me and all the Archangels and Angels and Sirius is home for me as EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius, eternal wife of beloved SaLuSa Prince of Sirius and soon to be married again with him. I love you so much SaLuSa. I know I am of the old royal bloodline of the Queen of Sirius and heiress of the crown of Sirius.

I know my people are waiting for my returning home. Some time ago I was given a message through a friend from a group of elves, that they are waiting for my coming home, that they want their EnnKa back there and they gave me a wonderful precious present. A beautiful string for my head like we did out of flowers when we are children, but these flowers are made of crystals and gem stones. I shall wear this on my wedding day. I could see it with my third eye and it is waiting for me at home.

Some day I will be there and I work on being patient and staying in the NOW, to enjoy my life here as much as possible and spending as much time as possible on my beautiful ship and my house in AEON.

I am LOVE and I am LIGHT from eternity to eternity.

This is my Being. This is who I AM.

I AM the I AM

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

Copyright © 2012 – 2014 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

5 thoughts on “My Journal August 13, 2014

  1. “I am looking for the lesson in this. To be grateful? I am.

    To accept help and healing? I do.

    To let go control? I do.

    What else? I have to found out.”

    Have you asked your body for assistance? Have you talked to it and explained your love for it?

    Have you remembered YOU are the source of the power that all those you pray for help to use?

    Do you LOVE yourself exactly as you are?

    Do you refrain from ever saying negative things to yourself or about your body?

    That is what I have to offer as possibilities.

    Take care bright light 🙂

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