My Journal August 10, 2014

My night wasn’t so good as I was again doubting yesterday that I go home, that I am in my transition process. It came out of a conversation I had with my twin Silverstar. I told him that it would be really difficult for me if they again would fool me in telling me I would leave now and I would have to stay longer and that it would be very hard to trust them again then. And out of this doubts were rising.

I noticed this and I decided to trust and believe that they had told me the truth after I pushed that button and worked on my doubts, the whole evening and night.

Today I feel much stronger that I am only partly here now, that a part of me has gone already and I think that my Higher Self has worked with me tonight on this. I am very tired, dizzy and in a place somewhere else.

It is more easier now for me to be consciously onboard ship. Most time I spend in the habitat that belongs to my rooms. Beloved Michael has installed a sort of galactic swing hammock and I lie there, with him, Raphael or with SaLuSa when his duties allow this. Or I just lie on the ground.

Some days ago I was attuned by my beautiful Pegasus Asaga, she is silvergrey with a golden horn. Yes, a Pegasus is a Unicorn with wings and her name means ‘My Happyness’. I know why because being with her and feeling her love makes me so happy, she is such a wonderful lovely Being.


I took the opportunity to get attuned to Unicorn reiki by somebody, but when it was time for this Asaga came to me and told me she would attune me self. She touched my third eye with her golden horn and I could feel a tingling through my third eye flowing through my heart into my whole body and my palms. I was full of her love and her energies. In this she is also my Unicorn guide for reiki. She told me she would stay onboard and in my habitat until I would go home and I should call her whenever I am there.

It is calm there and so peaceful with all sorts of animals, birds and dragonflies and hummingbirds, and it is so healing. This was exactly the best place for me today and I feel so comfortable. And I know and feel that I was more there than here. I laid down on the soft grass with my back to Asaga and Bobby came in his Spitz form and laid into my arms. This was so good. I could feel the heartbeat of my ship and her breathing, the Mesime is a living loving being.

Then Michael came to me and sat down before me. He hold me in his arms, soothing me, caressing me, embracing me with his love. I cried, tears of old and actual pain, of feeling lost on earth in duality, tears of longing to be physicallly on Sirius together with my family and friends. He hold me tight and stroked my head and my hair until I stopped crying and fell asleep in his arms.

Being onboard is so wonderful and good for me, it is healing my body and soul too. I am more and longer there and hopefully I will stay there soon. I feel better now and tonight I will again be on my ship. I see myself there as I am writing this, lying near Asaga. She gives me healing and company. During my sleeptime I am in meetings and have other things to do, missions and I don’t know what. It is wonderful to be on the bridge and look down to earth, to see the beautiful lights. Gaia is shining brightly. 🙂

EnnKa / Isabel

Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

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