My Journal August 5, 2014

Our new family member Kiba (Parida is his sirian name) is now with us since 5 days. He is a sweetheart, but also strong willed, bold, wild, agile, very intelligent and a bit pig-headed. And sooo cute.

20140804_163144 20140804_160906He is still small with his 8 and a half weeks, like the size of a Chihuahua and he brings us so much joy and fun back into our family after the passing of Bobby. In this he has already fulfilled his intention, to help us over the passing of our beloved one, a passing that was necessary for my healing.

I am so tired of all the suffering in this world, the sickness, abuse, torture and suffering of humanity. It affects my body and I feel it deep in my heart, all the pain and the suffering. It becomes more obvious for me each day. My connection, my Oneness with all-that-is is so deep and so strong that I can feel this suffering in my body and my heart. This is like all people are single cells of my body and when one cell is sick or suffering it affects me, my body and my heart. In this I know and am aware of my expanding consciousness. I know that I can’t heal myself completely as long as one person is still sick or suffering and therefore I not only clean and heal myself each day but I do this also representative for all people. I demand my flames always to clean and heal all people too, so that I can be healed. The reason is who I truly AM that I feel this and that this affects me so deep.

I want all suffering to end. NOW!!! It is enough, once and for all. I am so tired of holding one of my children in my arms when another one is dying on a cross or dying in my arms like Bobby. I can’t bear this any longer.

STOP all this my beloved, NOW!!!

Yes, I pushed this red button four days ago and I only hope that I can see the effects soon. I wrote a journal entry, a galactic history entry three days ago about what I did but it isn’t yet to be published. I have to wait for the ‘GO’ for this, but it is written and saved as draft. I did something to end the suffering hopefully.

red button2And I know that I am in my transition process now, it started four days ago. This means that my time on earth incarnated in this worn out body comes to an end soon. I know and feel that I am simultane on my wonderful loving breathing Mesime the same moment when I am sitting here and writing. I know that I am there, walking through the corridors, talking with my beloved crew members, sitting in meetings, watching earth from the bridge or just enjoying the calmness in the habitats belonging to my rooms. It is a gentle transition process and sometime I will just stay there, in some weeks or months, but this year. Although I would prefer to go in a few weeks as I know already that my life contract ended the day Bobby passed.

I am calm and peaceful, in balance and surrender to what is happening with me as this is also what I want deep in my heart. To be again physically with my beloved family, my children and my handsome and wonderful loving husband Silverstar. And as EnnKa to be again with my wonderful loving SaLuSa.

I AM the I AM and incarnated on Sirius as EnnKa and in this I will again marry my Twin Flame  through incarnation SaLuSa Prince of Sirius as soon as I am back home. This will be a happy family reunion and all beings on Sirius and our guests from other stars or planets will celebrate with us. Not to forget our beloved Dragons, Unegar, SaLuSa’s green Dragon and Lady Ifegena, my beloved blue Dragon whom I call Saphira and their beautiful daughter the Golden Dragon Epirose, who was born, left her egg, on December 21, 2012. She is the future Dragon Guard for the Golden Age of Gaia. The Guardian Dragon in charge for Gaia and her inhabitants as in ancient times when Gaia had her Dragon to watch and protect and many Dragons who lived in peace together with people and all other kingdoms on earth until the dark side drove them away from earth. Most of them emigrated to Sirius.

I love all that is and I know I am loved and until it is time for me to leave earth as Isabel I will do what I can to help people and Gaia.

I love as I AM LOVE and LIGHT.

EnnKa, Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius


Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

10 thoughts on “My Journal August 5, 2014

  1. Mein Englisch ist sehr schlecht… Das meiste kann ich mir nicht übersetzen…
    Ich gratuliere zu dem neuen Familienmitglied! ❤
    Sie/er macht einen aufgeweckten Eindruck – schön!

    Lieben Gruß


    • Er ist auch sehr aufgeweckt und auch frech, dabei sehr intelligent. Es wäre im Moment zu viel für mich das auch auf deutsch zu schreiben bzw deutsch und zu übersetzen. Darum nur in englisch.
      Liebe Grüße


  2. Ennka, perhaps my An’dra and I as Lady Taz will visit Sirius sometime. I would love to see the real You. There is also a hotel and restaurant on the Sirian Steps on Venus where many Sirians visit on holiday. The mate of my Sirian friend, Trillia Gia, owns the place.

    Much love, dearest one. It has been a joy to share our journeys together for a short time.

    And the new dog is a cutie.

    Love, Eliza / Taz n Sundeelia


    • My dearest Taz/Eliza, you and An’dra will be my welcomed guests on Sirius. You are invited to visit SaLuSa and me on Sirius or on my ship Mesime, always.
      I am so glad that we could walk our paths together for a while, it is a joy for me too.
      A husband in one of my past lives, Hederon, lives on Venus, he told me that he would be a member of the High Council of Venus.

      Kiba is a cutie yes, but also a wild one. He needs much education but brings also joy and fun to us.

      Love and blessings
      Isabel/ EnnKa


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