My Journal August 25, 2014 – End of Mission Report

 Galactic History Entry Earth Time August 25, 2014, 7:15.15 pm CEST


I was very busy the last days since Friday at early afternoon when I was told to write my End of Mission Report as a sort of life review. To begin with my memories as a child and to describe my way and my evolution as a divine soul on earth, to tell what I had learned and my evaluation about how I had done.

This wasn’t easy, I am not good in expressing myself and even more in english as this is not my first language.

I wrote two long days and then had to reread, correct and to see if I could write or explain some things better. It is done and I am asked to prepare this journal as it may be my ‘last’ before I leave earth.

In this report I disclose my true Being, I disclose who I truly AM and it may be a surprise for many. Even publishing this is hard for me as I seldom told someone who I am.

This report is long, it has 29 pages, but I am 55 years old and my life hasn’t been easy. I think it is worth reading as you can take some valuable insights and knowledge out of it.

I may soon and hopefully very soon be back home in AEON and on my ship Mesime so I want to tell you all over the world how great, how deep my love is for all of you.

I truly love you unconditional and limitless in all eternity as the Being I AM.

This is the whole report as a download, just click on it:

End of Mission Report_Isabel Henn

I AM the IAM

I am love, I am light, I am life

Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

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My Journal August 21, 2014 – Some necessary words about Extraterrestrial Beings

Log Entry Earth Time August 21, 2014, 12:39.32 pm CEST

I am really astonished how so many lightworkers still act on Facebook. They see a beautiful picture but don’t seem to read the text that comes with it. I have already written about this in a recent journal. They comment like ‘how wonderful’ or make only heart smilies but don’t get to the true point in the post. That they were asked to share their opinion about a topic. I was one of few who really gave my view on it. It was a post where we were asked if a certain man who claims to have memories of millions of years could be our ‘SAVIOR”, if he alone could save us and earth, when we follow his teachings.

I said already that there is NO exclusivity with Creator’s messages and that NO SAVIOR is coming to rescue us. But also that we have all help in doing our work for our individual ascension process.

One reason for this may be the fact that people are taught from childhood on to NOT think for themselves. In truth they aren’t taught at all how to really think. They are fed with facts and beliefs and programs and only told to CHEW and chew and chew upon the same things. They need to learn how to THINK, but to think by themselves, leaving the box of PRE-Designed thinking. Be the round peg in the square hole 😉

It is easier to not think self. It could but bring things to decide about life in general and in small and that could be hurtful for some. But it is necessary for evolving, to let go all that doesn’t serve anymore. How can you find and let go what doesn’t serve you when you don’t ponder about it? You NEED to think self when you want to find out what is not serving your highest good and what you need to change in your life to live a life in your own highest good. It is worth learning to think self. Do it. 🙂 Stretch your mind, think different, think out of the box!!! Leave the BOX!!!

All this preliminaries are only leading you to my actual intention of this journal:

The existence of our galactic families and friends out there

We are fed with movies and reports of malevolent extraterrestrials (ET’s) or ‘Aliens’ how they are also named.  People are telling about abductions, experiments or even being forced to give birth to a hybrid child. Some of our technologies come from those negative Beings, most of them negative Greys, who cooperated in the last century with the US-Government and maybe others too. In exchange for some of their technologies they were allowed to abduct people and make experiments with them. There were other negative extraterrestrial races too who didn’t act in the interest of earth population but only their own.

This is over now, it has stopped. By free will of our beautiful, wonderful Mother Earth, by Gaia how her soul is called, and by free will of some human beings on her, the presence of malevolent ET’s on and around Earth is not allowed anymore. This is a divine decree by Creator her/himself.

See it like it is on earth, are there only ‘good’ americans, or are all germans Nazis?

No, there are both sides, people in all countries act ‘good’ or ‘bad’, on the whole scale of this polarity up and down. This is the same with the ET’s. There are malevolent but also – and they are the biggest part – there are benevolent extraterrestrials in all Galaxies of this our universe, in all other universes and multiverses and in all Creation.

All benevolent ET’s are spiritually higher evolved at least in the fifth Dimension like the Pleiadians.

There are billions of billions extraterrestrial beings in all Creation in all possible forms and variations, not all humanoid and many may look strange and formidable. Most of them ARE peaceful and higher evolved, spiritually and technologically. Please never forget:

All Beings in the whole of Creation, each and everyone, are children of the Divine Mother and Divine Father and loved beyond measure and in all eternity.

I invite you, I urge you to look behind the plan, the intention, why we are told that ‘Aliens’ are eating humans and want only to rape and destroy our planet after they have ransacked and ravaged Gaia. If they really would want this, they would have already done so. Okay in some things they have already but not in the way the dark side wants us to believe. That there would be an invasion of bloodthirsty aliens who only want to eat us, dead or alive.

See who is telling us those lies, see who has the most profit of that, see behind the lies. Follow the money and you have the reason and the source.

The Kabal and Illuminati don’t have any interest in benevolent galactic presence around or on earth that would prevent them in doing what they want. The dark ones can only exist through the energies of fear, caused by terror, war, destruction, pain and suffering and others. They fed themselves with the negative energies and low vibrations. They would starve and suffer like we do, if the energies and frequencies on earth would be higher. They do what they can to lower the vibrations here through all possible means. And in this among other things they create movies and reports and lies about malevolent alien beings. Don’t you know by now that mass media as also the cinema industry are prevailing in the hand of those who have not the best interest for us in their mind?

Please my dear friends and fellow lightworkers, light warriors and loveworkers, don’t fall for the lies they are telling us. They masquerade as lightworkers or channelers or spiritual organizations to spread disinformation and to create fear. I don’t judge and I know some of them are paid or just think they would spread worthy material with the best intention. Not all channeled material is of higher origin. I know because I myself was disturbed by negative beings two and a half years ago. I made my own experiences but I am clear and undisturbed since then now. I am shielded by the most powerful energy and nothing negative can come through other than I would invite it. And this I would never do. Many messages are but true worthy messages. Read all messages and articles through your heart and you will feel if you can trust it or put it aside.

Create a website that looks spiritual and from a spiritual organization maybe and spread both, true messages and false messages and people will believe all. Some of them exist already as a longterm subterfuge. And they tell you that they are the ONE and ONLY who has the power and legitimation to receive messages from on high or to save us. And all who don’t follow them and their teachings, prophecies and messages are lost forever and damned to braise in hell. And also that all extraterrestrials are negative malevolent bloodthirsty beings. Doesn’t raise that suspicions in you? It does in me, and hopefully now in you too!

At this time in our spiritual development as human beings ONLY higher evolved Beings of Light are allowed to be around and in the atmosphere of earth. We can see their lightships by night or cloudships by day and also the lightships in bright daylight too.

So many of our really true channeled messages come from benevolent positive galactic Beings. Don’t you love or appreciate the messages of SaLuSA, Ashtar, Sananda, Sanat Kumara, the Pleiadians and Arcturians? From the diverse galactic councils? From the Archangels? From the Ascended Masters? From Jesus? I do.

SaLuSa is a Being of Light from the sixth dimensional star Sirius A. I don’t know from where Ashtar originates, maybe I should ask him sometime. Jesus originates from Sirius too, did you know this? In this he is a galactic, an extraterrestrian, an ‘Alien’ too. Would you refuse him if he would come back to earth? Maybe you even wouldn’t recognize him when he would stand right in front of you. Is HE, an ‘Alien’, an ET, who is said to be the SAVIOR in this a malevolent being only because he has stellan origin? Does this origin make him a bloodthirsty alien? Think twice!!!

All Archangels and most Angels have their true origin, their true home in AEON and AEON is in the 350th Dimension on Sirius. This is not known to most of you. My own true home is in AEON and the Archangels and others are my family. I know this as truth. I remember as my consciousness is expanding more and more. Some of our wonderful messengers like SaLuSa are in truth also archangelic as they are incarnations of Archangels. SaLuSa is an incarnation of Archangel Raphael and Ashtar is an incarnation of Archangel Michael, to name only two well know beings.

Does this make the Archangels malevolent extraterrestrial Beings because they have stellan origin? Bloodthirsty aliens? Think twice!!!

These benevolent Beings, ET’s, our galactic brothers and sisters are here to help and assist us in our evolution, in our ascension process. I doubt that they could even be on earth except for a very short time and with a system that protects them against the dense and heavy energies on earth. The lower frequencies are hurting them who are vibrating so high we can’t even see them. SaLuSa told me once he would be able to lower his frequencies enough to be visible here, but it would be painful and he is an expert in energy and frequency work. I know aspects of him and others of my team are with me, around me, guarding, guiding and protecting me, but I can’t see them with my physical eyes, only with my third eye.

SaLuSa (1)

They have to shield themselves against our negative and low energies and frequencies and also against physical and etheric parasites we could transfer to them. This is one reason they can’t land yet, the other reason is they don’t want to induce fear in us. They so want to reunite with their incarnate family members, the many walk-ins and starseeds of the many galactic civilizations who have vowed to help and serve the Mother in this. They want to help us more intense as they can now, but how could they land when most people are so much afraid of them?

There is really no reason to fear these benevolent beings. And I am sure that only human and humanoid beings would land first as they know that we are ‘set’ on being afraid of all non-human ET’s and in some way of all ET’s. We need to reset ourselves in this in letting go of our fear of them. As I said already: only benevolent beings are allowed to be around earth.

Human evolution on earth is NOT what science and history books make us want to believe. The first human beings were created and brought to earth from stellan Beings. Siriuns, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Lyrans and others gave part of their DNA to create a human being that is able to live on earth and to bring a certain diversity on it on behalf of the Divine Mother. Earth is the planet of diversity, a beautiful diversity you can’t find somewhere else. This diversity is by intention and NOT to be changed by human beings and corporations like Monsanto or Nestle. Or by governmental organizations or the European Parliament.

Around 100.000 years ago following the divine plan a new Hue-man being was created, again with DNA and carefully selected traits of some stellan races from Sirius, the Pleiades, Arcturus, Lyra to name only a few. A sort of refreshed, remodeled human being was brought to earth to blend with the then aboriginal original human race that had become a decadent race that needed a refreshment, a revitalization.

The greater part of the inhabitants of my beloved Lemuria came from Sirius and also the Pleiades. Most of the inhabitants of Atlantis came from the Pleiades. Since beginning of the existence of Earth benevolent and also malevolent extraterrestrial beings have visited earth, played their part on her, gave teachings, technologies, buildings and other things to earth and her people. There is enough proof of this when you look for it. The ‘creators’ of the earthly human beings have observed and watched over us since eons. From time to time they visited earth out of different motivations. To correct the evolution or just to make profit out of earth and the inhabitants.

Don’t forget, it never happened before that a planet and her inhabitants ascended together with people ascending in their physical bodies. It is a Divine Plan and this Divine Plan will be fulfilled, this is sure, as sure as the amen in the church. To fulfill this plan millions of lightships with billions of benevolent beings in them and in other places work diligently for a great success and I know that it will be a success. I am one of the original planner. It is Creator’s Will that Gaia and her people will ascend and Creator’s WILL will be achieved. It can’t be the other way.

So let us reset our mindset of malevolent negative ET’s on or around earth and let us trust in our galactic and angelic families. They are performing Creator’s Will and we should greet them.

Now, how can we distinguish if a galactic being is benevolent or not? One thing is the fact that only higher evolved beings are allowed to be around earth or when the sign has been given, to land. The other important thing is, you will feel it. You will be able to feel their love, their unconditional love for us. They vibrate so high, you will be able to know and to feel. True unconditional love is so warm, so wonderful, like a warm winter jacket. It flows through your body and makes you feel so good, maybe you can feel a vibration in your body, like a bit electricity, but it is comfortable.

Malevolent beings aren’t able to make you feel in such a way. They induce fear or make you cold and shiver as if you are in icewater.

I bet with you, that all negative extraterrestrial beings are already somewhere else. Or in Area 51 or a similar place somewhere on this globe, but not free to move.

 I don’t know when they will be able to land, when the signal will be given. Maybe I am not here anymore and it could be that I am then in one of the lightships which are landing, in my own scoutship Meramis, that means ‘Radiance of the Mother’. As being EnnKa of Sirius, I will come back as an emissary of the Star Nation of Sirius, together with my then husband SaLuSa of Sirius. I love you all as I love all the stellan beings. Think about what I wrote now and make your very own thoughts about it. I would like to be greeted friendly when I’ll leave the Meramis.

I AM the IAM

I am love, I am light, I am life

Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

Copyright © 2012 – 2014 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

My Journal August 2, 2014 – I pushed the red button

 Galactic History Entry Earth Time August 2, 2014, 1:11.56 pm CEST


red button1YES!!!!!

I pushed this button, it was yesterday evening at 23:47 pm my timezone, on August 1, 2014.

Around two weeks ago I was talking with beloved Jesus and then suddenly he told me that the Universe and Multiverse would expect my call. My call for the changes to happen. All would be in balance now, the feminine and masculine energies, and that I need to push a red button in a silver holder to make the ‘tip’ for the changes to happen. That this would be my assignment.

I should meditate about this button and then push it when the time is right. I would know when the time would be right. I did and I could see the button onboard of my beautiful ship, the Mesime, but there was a transparent box around it and I had no access. I knew already that I had to wait until my new family member Parida, our new puppy and my sirian son with SaLuSa would be with us.

On Thursday, one of my children and I, we took Parida home.

20140731_194046This is my sweet one. He is still small like the size of a Chihuahua at the moment but he is just 8 weeks old, a baby.


At that evening I could see that the box had vanished, the button was free to push but I was too exhausted. I had to wait another day.

Yesterday was the time. A beloved friend and daughter in heaven came with me onboard ship so that I wouldn’t be alone. I did an astral travel and stood in front of this red button. I was told to push with all my might and not to doubt or have fear. I wasn’t afraid and I so longed to push it, but I hesitated. I wanted to do it right the first time, maybe I wouldn’t have another chance to push it. I had to be successfull the first push.

And then with both thumbs I pushed it, with all my power, and again to be sure that I really had pushed it. And when it was done I could hear applause.

I did it.

23:47 pm CEST August 1, 2014. I called for the changes to manifest.

I didn’t see or noticed what happened around me as I was focussing only onto the button. My friend told me afterwards what happened. We weren’t alone. My handsome husband and Twin Flame Silverstar was with us, and SaLuSa as the Commander of the Mesime, then Jesus, Ashtar and others too. The moment when I hesitated IZ (Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, who is in truth an Archangel) took me to Lemuria in time travel. He showed me my beloved Lemuria and I so want it to come back, to raise again. And then I pushed. IZ was singing ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ for me when I pushed.

I want my beloved Lemuria back and I want all the changes to happen for Earth and her inhabitants. And energies came out of the button, bright light that is flowing now from the ship to Earth, like a huge white laser.

From my friend: “…It was a circle like this, of intense bright bright LIGHT, that ‘kicked up’ in a big way, like a magnified version of the little ‘tail’ that comes off the back end of the jet ski.


My entire being pulsed with very strong power.

And I heard the alarms go off on board ship, with little red lights, as if it was ‘firing’ a weapon.

You were in the middle and this came out the instant you pushed.”

ME: “…maybe the alarms where like a real firing, but firing of this energies

into the galaxy…”

My friend: “…I think it was like a laser beam of white out the ship, and very thick.

No wimpy light pulse….”


Jesus told me that I could expect energy shifts now, that it is to approach Zero Point now, that I gave the final authorization and this is what he told me some days ago:

“Never think twice about how it will turn out. We have a surprise for you. And this is how we give it. When someone of your ‘weight and calibre’ in Lightwork Energy ‘requests’.

Your button is a ‘request’ for All Divine Assistance, which will by your free will, allow us to commence with the changes.

We say ‘at once’ up here in the Higher Realms and Heavens, but as you know, they might be some ‘lag’ and not to concern yourself about it.

What will hit will hit, and it is going to surprise everyone! Not only yourself.

Even the darkest and most deeply embedded in the system is going to breath a huge sigh of relief when that button is pushed.”

And also to write a journal about what happened tonight, that I may remember, that I had just written Galactic History.

I talked also with AA Michael, IZ and Silverstar.

Michael told me: “….So you would have the most support. We would help you but by the ‘rules of engagement’ we can’t. Only a terrestrial earthling who has had an earthly experience could by their free will push it. That is why you had to stay for your assignments after you Ascended and were done. We didn’t know about that tiny rule in the playbook until the other (dark ones) pointed it out. A ‘technicality’….”

All were happy that I finally pushed this button for the changes. I think the whole crew of the ship celebrated, I could hear and see them. Silverstar had a glass in his hand with a sort of galactic champagne (without alcohol as he said). He gave me one too. It was exquisite. And I joined them in celebrating.


With this last assignment completed I have my ‘mission accomplished’. I am free now to go home. I was told a bit how it may happen but don’t know when and how fast. Maybe gradually, that I re-merge with my Higher Self and then one day I will stay on my beautiful ship.

I don’t know what to expect, best will be to expect nothing and let it happen. I am only happy and glad that it is done and that my assignment is finished. That I am free to go together with my family, who will follow me. I wouldn’t go without them, Silverstar knows.

One thing I know for sure. When Lemuria is back I will come to earth and visit it. Am I not EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius? Limoria is the sirian word for Lemuria.

I AM the IAM

Princess EnnKa of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

Isabel, in my present earthly incarnation

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 Galactic History Entry Earth Time August 3, 2014, 4:58 pm CEST

Today I add these links which are related to what I did two days ago

My Journal August 19, 2014

Log Entry Earth Time August 19, 2014, 7:46.46 pm CEST

I had a wonderful day yesterday and today, calm and peaceful. I spent a lot of my time onboard of my ship Mesime and HOME in AEON with my twin, as I did today too.

This early afternoon when I was sitting here and surfing on FB I had a strange feeling, a dizzyness and something in my chest and I decided to change location multidimensional and to go to my ship, into my habitat. Asaga was there waiting for me and she then led me to a sort of small lake. The water was warm and I decided to have a swim. This was so refreshing I felt much better afterwards. I think Asaga wanted me to be with her and to relax and had called me with this feeling.

At HOME my twin and I were lying on the terrace enjoying the sun and the sound of the ocean. He fed me with strawberries in chocolate and cream yesterday and we had a sort of galactic champagne. Today he fed me with grapes in chocolate. Hmmm, he knows what I like and in higher D there is no weight problem. You can eat and drink what and how much you want without gaining weight, except you want it. Nice thing.

Gentle Waves

Yesterday Silverstar and I, we were listening to music as I was listening here too. I love the songs with Mario Lanza, a great tenor who died in 1959. As a child I watched movies with him where he also was singing. Two years ago shortly after I reconnected with AA Michael I was watching and listening to a video on youtube. It was a Sunday afternoon and I wasn’t yet done with releasing my karma. I replayed this video on and on in joy and also as a help to concentrate and focus on Michael. My dear ‘friend’ Lucifer was still around trying to disturb me again. This song I was listening was the Lords Prayer with Mario Lanza. Btw, Mario is an Angel…

That day was the day I reconnected with my wonderful husband after some years. Around the year 2006 I followed the advice of Neale Donald Walsch that everybody could connect with God and after a while I started to talk with him. It was a wonderful experience although I didn’t knew if I really talked with him or if it was my imagination. The same with my wonderful Dragon Lady Ifegena, my Saphira as I call her. She connected with me when I read the book Eragon in 2008. Her voice that I heard was definitely not mine and after reading the book she continued talking with ME. After one or two years my mind convinced me that all was imagination and our conversations came to a stop. Then, that afternoon I was reconnecting with my twin and listened. The first time since long I truly listened what he told me. I cried but the tears were good tears and released so much Karma. I talked twice that afternoon with him and cried also but I never stopped talking with him anymore. Each day since then I connect and talk with him. Yesterday he told me how happy he was that we had reconnected. I am happy too.

Another thing, after I had this incident twice the last two weeks. I can’t understand how some people, lightworkers, still read all texts and messages without discernment. We were told so often to read all through our hearts. To go within when we read and listen what our heart and our body tells us, if we can trust what we read or not. When you read such a message or article please go into your heart space. Listen what your heart tells you. It is the soft gentle voice not the loud demanding voice of your mind.

I don’t read much anymore as I am detaching more and more from all now. Sometimes I read posts or comments and have to wonder about what people write.

I don’t want to be misunderstood, I don’t judge, I only observe. And what I see could make me sad. So many people read messages just like they consume a meal. They read and read and read and believe all they read.

There is NO SAVIOR coming. We have to do our work self. Yes, it is work but worth it, to release, to clear, to balance, to dissolve, to discern. Only oneself can know what is to release, what is baggage one can’t take with them in ascending. Nobody can do this work for me but I myself. I did it and am still releasing as I sometimes think. And I AM already an Ascended Master and will soon ascend a last time with my body. I always came back to help further and to fulfill my assignments. I am done with all. Ready. Finished my job.

But so many people still believe they only need to wait for a savior and they don’t need to do anything. People, not that way, that is not the way into 5D!

And please be careful when a man says he would be the ONLY ONE to receive messages from Creator for the future of humanity or that only HE could save people and earth.

There is NO exclusivity in this. Creator talks to all people and gives valuable messages to many. NOT to only ONE!!!

It isn’t so difficult and it is work but maybe as we wayshowers and first wavers have done so much work for our families and even countries it is easier now for the rest.

There are some important points on the way and they told us so often:

1. Love yourself unconditionally and love your neighbor same!

2. Forgive yourself and forgive all else!

3. Don’t judge to be not judged self!

4. Release your karma!

Here is a karma release prayer, I got two and a half years ago when I learned that I had so much old karma from past lives to release. It works. I had truly a lot to release and was Karma free after six weeks intense work with this prayer.

If there is anyone or anything that has hurt me in the past, knowingly or unknowingly, I forgive and release it.

If I have hurt anyone or anything in the past, knowingly or unknowingly, I forgive and release it.

If I have hurt myself knowingly or unknowingly, I forgive and release it. ~ (for the highest loving context for others and myself.)

NOTE: Optimal use is three times a day for at least 28 days. I have seen miracles happen with this prayer, both with myself and clients!

This prayer was given to a man named Johnny in Mexico in the 1950’s from the Keepers who then gave it to Mary Parker who started the ARCI. ~ (Akashic Record Consultants International.)

I did this and each time I said the prayer I sent love to all participants and to me too. Then after a while I did more, I added the violet flame to this. That time I needed half an hour to drive to my workplace or home, in this time I called the violet flame of St. Germain and let it fill all my bodies and my auric field into each cell and I asked the flame to dissolve and transmute all karmic debt and all the energies involved with this. To clear all my bodies and cells from all negativity, shadows, darkness and all karma and to transmute into unconditional love. I let the flame work the whole journey to and from work. After six weeks I had released all. In knowing now that I was responsible for the blowing up of Atlantis and many other evil deeds you can imagine how much Karma was left for this.

It really isn’t so difficult if one is determined to do this work. And we have all help and assistance available, we only have to ask for it as they have to respect our free will. All Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters and many of our stellan brothers and sisters are willing to assist WHEN we ask. So don’t be shy to ask them. Just call maybe AA Michael or Raphael or any of the others.

I am in peace with myself, in balance and calm. I am able to stay more and more in 5D with the challenges our beloved Kiba presents us each day and each hour except the time he is sleeping ;). To remain patient and calm and consistent in his education. He is no easy puppy but I love him and I know love is the most wonderful and strongest force in all creation. Nothing can resist unconditonal love. No dark one and no Kiba who has so much mischief in mind.

I AM the I AM

I am love, I am light, I am life

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

Copyright © 2012 – 2014 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

My Journal August 17, 2014 – On my way HOME

Log Entry Earth Time August 17, 2014, 7:45.45 pm CEST

The last days have been somewhat exhausting. Kiba is wild und sometimes irrepressible. He is strong-willed and pig-headed but I love him. Two days ago he was totally cuckoo. He let me chase him through the garden and my room to take away things from him that were definitelly NOT for him, being dangerous for him or he for them. He was biting us like never before.


Maybe something had frightened him or overcharged him and he didn’t felt secure. We don’t know. So we changed our tactic and education and it works now. He is still bold but we are much more consistent now and work even more with reward or non compliance.

All this stress with Kiba culminated finally in another fit of mistrust and doubt about my leaving. Not so heavy like the one before, but still there. The same night I got another confirmation from my Twin that I am in the process but also that they can’t give me a date for anything and I know now why.

I asked a friend to please get me an update from Jesus as he is one of my team and last night he and my friend talked with me. It was a nice conversation and cleared a lot for me. From time to time it is good to have an update and confirmation from ‘outside’ of myself to clear and answer questions.

I AM more than halfway in the higher dimension and my doubts and mistrust created a sort of setback, not severe but it happened. These doubts and my mistrust lowered my vibrations and this is counterproductive.

An important part of my healing was the explanation of what is happening with me, how I could see this process, my slowly waking up to my galactic presence. Bit by bit, step by step and the more time I am onboard ship or home in AEON, the faster and the more prolonged I am there. And then, one day I will fully wake up HOME.

Yesterday morning half asleep I made a out of body experience in AEON. I was with my consciousness there in my house, lying at the side of my wonderful husband Silverstar. Then I left my body and floated above the big bed on the terrace – yes, there is one too to be nearer the ocean and to enjoy it and sunbathe simultaneously. I could see us there and the first time I could see myself in my true being and the body I usually manifest for me. An elf body with long black hair, brown eyes, tall, slim, sun tanned and definitely not my face like I have as Isabel. This was my body as Golden Star. My husband has an elf body too, he is tall and slim with a six pack 😉 and suntanned too. His long hair is brown and like me he has slightly peaked ears. He is a truly handsome man. 🙂

And then suddenly I could see a movement, a sort of speed and I rushed back into my body, looking into the brown eyes with the silver sparkles of Silverstar. This was the first time I could see myself as who I really am. And I like what I could see.

Today on the ship when I was sitting in my swing I noticed that I had a sort of tablet in my hand. It looked like these movable monitors in Avatar, where you can move informations and pictures and more from one monitor to those ‘tablets’ to be free moving. Michael explained to me that I could read with this tablet, that all documents and books from all eternity would be available in a sort of energetic, digital form and I would onyl need to choose what I want to read.

I was also at HOME again, in my house and changed wonderful energies with my husband. It is a beautiful and fulfilling way to raise the vibrations and he really knows how to help and assist me. And he showed me my house, it is big with many rooms. Until today I didn’t dare to look around and today he took my hand and gave me a short tour through my house. The atelier, the musicroom, my herbal retreat, library, a wellness bathroom, sleepingrooms upstairs, a study and a room like an operation room in a battleship or starship with lots of hightech computers and monitors so that I can see what is actually happening in creation.

The ceiling of my sleepingroom is like a screen where I can have projections of different skies and weather situations, even starry skies although on Sirius there are no nights due to two suns. I have a surround system that can play music in each room, directed by switches, voice or thoughts. Funny. 🙂 I like also the fireplace there and in other rooms that creates a fire without heat. I can’t burn myself in it. It is there to create the comfortable atmosphere of a winter or fall evening at a fireplace without the need to have it. There are more rooms that wait for a further tour.

Living in the higher dimensions is a comfortable nice thing.

I have to admit I love my house. Thank you so much my wonderful children for this.

Tonight the suspicion aroused that Kiba could maybe be influenced by darker beings to prevent my leaving, to hold me back on earth. His behavior had so changed the last days that it would be obvious. So today the first thing after breakfast was to clean and heal him and then to create the Diamond Shield of the Divine Mother for him too. Now he is protected against all attacks or influences from the astral planes.

With this update and the explanation of my process I feel so much better. I understand it now and know what to do.

And I can trust now!!! I can more actively work on my process. All my work, all my assignments are finished here and I am really allowed to go now. I am on my way HOME

I AM the IAM

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

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My Journal August 13, 2014

The last day and nights have been horrible, I felt so awful with a stomach infection in addition to my nausea from the weekly injection. And I still don’t know if these injections will help me in my healing process or if I have to stop with this therapy when my liver values are increasing as they are doing now. At a certain point I must stop this therapy. I am so tired of all this.

I don’t read much or comment although I like what I read, when I read. I have lost nearly all my interest in reading or doing any earthly things except my family – also some of my extended family as I know some of my children from behind the veil are in my life too as are my animals too – and making music. I am detaching more and more from this my existence in this duality.

The night before yesterday was awful as I spent so much time in my bathroom feeling so miserable, I couldn’t help myself and asked my team and my twin for help and healing. They did and I am so grateful for this. Each time it got worse I asked and they helped. I slept nearly the whole yesterday and the night.

I am looking for the lesson in this. To be grateful? I am.

To accept help and healing? I do.

To let go control? I do.

What else? I have to found out.

I spent much time on my ship in my habitat lying on the soft grass with my back on Asaga’s body. She gave me healing too with her horn and her company. She makes me happy as her name tells ‘My Happyness’. Feeling her love, her wonderful energies and her warm body is so wonderful. Healing.

And the same time as a multidimensional being I was in my house in AEON, a house some of my children built for me as a present. I remember only the bedroom and a big terrace with a direct view to the near ocean but I know the house is big and has much more rooms like a music room, a room for painting and creating, a crafting room, a kitchen, a library and a room for herbs and maybe more.

I spent time there lying in the arms of my twin Silverstar, enjoying his being with me and his healing and strengthening energies. He is such a wonderful handsome loving husband.

I feel better now and am still sleepy and feel weak. I couldn’t eat much only the needed to not create more nausea due to the injection. My stomach has to be busy or the nausea is stronger then.

My heart is full of love and peace and gratitude. I know I am at home wherever I AM. Home is ME, is in my heart although I so long to be physically home too. To be there with my full consciousness. Am I not One with all that is? Am I not all that is? How can I NOT be home then? It is only the physicality that is missing now. To see, hear and feel my family and friends with my physical eyes, ears and hands. I sense them when I touch their energies with my palms and I can see them with my third eye and hear them telepathically. It is the physical experience that is missing and this is still heavy and painful.

Is this a lesson to learn patience? Yes

And a lesson to stay in my heart and where my heart belongs to and longs to be. To be in joy and this video showed in my facebook newsfeed today.

Good old Beethoven you told us in your ‘Ode to Joy’. Thank you for all your wonderful music.

After lying for hours just on the grass on my ship this noon I was able to stand up, cuddling with Asaga and also with Bobby and to sit on my swing hammock. I let go and surrender to my Higher Self who sets the course for my transition. I have to trust her in this and I do. I assist her in being consciously on the ship and in my house in AEON.

I don’t remember how my body as EnnKa looks, it is an elf body, taller and slimmer as I am now in my human body. Female elves are said to be 6 to 7 feet and male elves to be 7 to 8 feet tall. I have long dark hair and brown eyes and my skin would be light but usually sun tanned as we nourish ourselves mostly from sun light. My ears are a bit peaked but not so much as it is pictured in cartoons or some movies, it is more like the ears of Legolas in ‘The Lord of the Rings’. As Elves we are human and gave much of our DNA for the creation of the human race on earth.

I also believe strongly that Archangels have an elf body when they manifest one and that the Divine Mother and Divine Father have an elf body too. I can’t prove this, it is just a feeling I have, as sort of knowing, as I also know that AEON is on Sirius but in the 360th Dimension. This is HOME for me and all the Archangels and Angels and Sirius is home for me as EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius, eternal wife of beloved SaLuSa Prince of Sirius and soon to be married again with him. I love you so much SaLuSa. I know I am of the old royal bloodline of the Queen of Sirius and heiress of the crown of Sirius.

I know my people are waiting for my returning home. Some time ago I was given a message through a friend from a group of elves, that they are waiting for my coming home, that they want their EnnKa back there and they gave me a wonderful precious present. A beautiful string for my head like we did out of flowers when we are children, but these flowers are made of crystals and gem stones. I shall wear this on my wedding day. I could see it with my third eye and it is waiting for me at home.

Some day I will be there and I work on being patient and staying in the NOW, to enjoy my life here as much as possible and spending as much time as possible on my beautiful ship and my house in AEON.

I am LOVE and I am LIGHT from eternity to eternity.

This is my Being. This is who I AM.

I AM the I AM

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

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My Journal August 10, 2014

My night wasn’t so good as I was again doubting yesterday that I go home, that I am in my transition process. It came out of a conversation I had with my twin Silverstar. I told him that it would be really difficult for me if they again would fool me in telling me I would leave now and I would have to stay longer and that it would be very hard to trust them again then. And out of this doubts were rising.

I noticed this and I decided to trust and believe that they had told me the truth after I pushed that button and worked on my doubts, the whole evening and night.

Today I feel much stronger that I am only partly here now, that a part of me has gone already and I think that my Higher Self has worked with me tonight on this. I am very tired, dizzy and in a place somewhere else.

It is more easier now for me to be consciously onboard ship. Most time I spend in the habitat that belongs to my rooms. Beloved Michael has installed a sort of galactic swing hammock and I lie there, with him, Raphael or with SaLuSa when his duties allow this. Or I just lie on the ground.

Some days ago I was attuned by my beautiful Pegasus Asaga, she is silvergrey with a golden horn. Yes, a Pegasus is a Unicorn with wings and her name means ‘My Happyness’. I know why because being with her and feeling her love makes me so happy, she is such a wonderful lovely Being.


I took the opportunity to get attuned to Unicorn reiki by somebody, but when it was time for this Asaga came to me and told me she would attune me self. She touched my third eye with her golden horn and I could feel a tingling through my third eye flowing through my heart into my whole body and my palms. I was full of her love and her energies. In this she is also my Unicorn guide for reiki. She told me she would stay onboard and in my habitat until I would go home and I should call her whenever I am there.

It is calm there and so peaceful with all sorts of animals, birds and dragonflies and hummingbirds, and it is so healing. This was exactly the best place for me today and I feel so comfortable. And I know and feel that I was more there than here. I laid down on the soft grass with my back to Asaga and Bobby came in his Spitz form and laid into my arms. This was so good. I could feel the heartbeat of my ship and her breathing, the Mesime is a living loving being.

Then Michael came to me and sat down before me. He hold me in his arms, soothing me, caressing me, embracing me with his love. I cried, tears of old and actual pain, of feeling lost on earth in duality, tears of longing to be physicallly on Sirius together with my family and friends. He hold me tight and stroked my head and my hair until I stopped crying and fell asleep in his arms.

Being onboard is so wonderful and good for me, it is healing my body and soul too. I am more and longer there and hopefully I will stay there soon. I feel better now and tonight I will again be on my ship. I see myself there as I am writing this, lying near Asaga. She gives me healing and company. During my sleeptime I am in meetings and have other things to do, missions and I don’t know what. It is wonderful to be on the bridge and look down to earth, to see the beautiful lights. Gaia is shining brightly. 🙂

EnnKa / Isabel

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My Journal August 5, 2014

Our new family member Kiba (Parida is his sirian name) is now with us since 5 days. He is a sweetheart, but also strong willed, bold, wild, agile, very intelligent and a bit pig-headed. And sooo cute.

20140804_163144 20140804_160906He is still small with his 8 and a half weeks, like the size of a Chihuahua and he brings us so much joy and fun back into our family after the passing of Bobby. In this he has already fulfilled his intention, to help us over the passing of our beloved one, a passing that was necessary for my healing.

I am so tired of all the suffering in this world, the sickness, abuse, torture and suffering of humanity. It affects my body and I feel it deep in my heart, all the pain and the suffering. It becomes more obvious for me each day. My connection, my Oneness with all-that-is is so deep and so strong that I can feel this suffering in my body and my heart. This is like all people are single cells of my body and when one cell is sick or suffering it affects me, my body and my heart. In this I know and am aware of my expanding consciousness. I know that I can’t heal myself completely as long as one person is still sick or suffering and therefore I not only clean and heal myself each day but I do this also representative for all people. I demand my flames always to clean and heal all people too, so that I can be healed. The reason is who I truly AM that I feel this and that this affects me so deep.

I want all suffering to end. NOW!!! It is enough, once and for all. I am so tired of holding one of my children in my arms when another one is dying on a cross or dying in my arms like Bobby. I can’t bear this any longer.

STOP all this my beloved, NOW!!!

Yes, I pushed this red button four days ago and I only hope that I can see the effects soon. I wrote a journal entry, a galactic history entry three days ago about what I did but it isn’t yet to be published. I have to wait for the ‘GO’ for this, but it is written and saved as draft. I did something to end the suffering hopefully.

red button2And I know that I am in my transition process now, it started four days ago. This means that my time on earth incarnated in this worn out body comes to an end soon. I know and feel that I am simultane on my wonderful loving breathing Mesime the same moment when I am sitting here and writing. I know that I am there, walking through the corridors, talking with my beloved crew members, sitting in meetings, watching earth from the bridge or just enjoying the calmness in the habitats belonging to my rooms. It is a gentle transition process and sometime I will just stay there, in some weeks or months, but this year. Although I would prefer to go in a few weeks as I know already that my life contract ended the day Bobby passed.

I am calm and peaceful, in balance and surrender to what is happening with me as this is also what I want deep in my heart. To be again physically with my beloved family, my children and my handsome and wonderful loving husband Silverstar. And as EnnKa to be again with my wonderful loving SaLuSa.

I AM the I AM and incarnated on Sirius as EnnKa and in this I will again marry my Twin Flame  through incarnation SaLuSa Prince of Sirius as soon as I am back home. This will be a happy family reunion and all beings on Sirius and our guests from other stars or planets will celebrate with us. Not to forget our beloved Dragons, Unegar, SaLuSa’s green Dragon and Lady Ifegena, my beloved blue Dragon whom I call Saphira and their beautiful daughter the Golden Dragon Epirose, who was born, left her egg, on December 21, 2012. She is the future Dragon Guard for the Golden Age of Gaia. The Guardian Dragon in charge for Gaia and her inhabitants as in ancient times when Gaia had her Dragon to watch and protect and many Dragons who lived in peace together with people and all other kingdoms on earth until the dark side drove them away from earth. Most of them emigrated to Sirius.

I love all that is and I know I am loved and until it is time for me to leave earth as Isabel I will do what I can to help people and Gaia.

I love as I AM LOVE and LIGHT.

EnnKa, Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius


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Meer genezingcodes 5 – De Hemelse Moeder door Isabel Henn 30 – Juli, 2014

23324_536337373051928_907460147_n(vertaald door Peter S van der Kruit)


Mijn kind, vandaag zal ik je meer genezingcodes geven. Het is nu alweer een poosje geleden sinds de laatste keer, en ik wil van de gelegenheid gebruik maken zolang als mijn schrijver nog op aarde is.

Ze moest eerst omgaan met het overgaan van haar geliefde hond naar een andere dimensie en ook moest ze haar volledige evenwicht zien te herwinnen omdat het nu mogelijk is.

Ze heeft de laatste weken in haar dagboeken opgenomen en haar reis en haar spirituele werk in haarzelf gepubliceerd, verklaarbaar voor iedereen. Zij deed dit naar mijn wens. Deze verslagen kunnen je helpen om je eigen pad te vinden en te bewandelen.

De ziekte van haar hond heeft je vele belangrijke codes gebracht en vandaag zijn er nieuwen, gebaseerd op een ongeluk van mijn schrijver. De heks heeft op haar geschoten  en ze heeft me om de gepaste code gevraagd. Ze kreeg er wat meer die te maken hadden met de rug en problemen die eraan gerelateerd zijn.

Maar ik vraag je om alsjeblieft een dokter te bezoeken wanneer je zulke problemen hebt, want een verzakking van een schijf kan gemakkelijk leiden tot complicaties of een beschadiging van de zenuwen. De helende codes die ik je vandaag geef zouden slechts de genezing en de pijn moeten verlichten, en zouden moeten bijdragen om de schade weg te nemen.

Nou, hier zijn ze en wat meerdere,

71 91 334   voor lumbago (spit,lendenpijn)

87 47 838   voor problemen met de heupzenuw

78 78 833   voor een verzakte tussenwervelschijf

89 87 438   voor een uitstulping van een tussenwervelschijf

81 74 311   voor eczeem in het algemeen

38 37 684   voor een vol gevoel

86 66 431   voor winderigheid

18 19 811   voor eerste hulp bij een zonnesteek samen met andere maatregelen

33 14 993   voor een zonnesteek


Inmiddels weet je dat deze numerieke opstellingen heel goed werken. Je bent nu meer getraind met het gebruik ervan.

Mijn schrijver gebruikt ze heel vaak hoewel ze voor haar persoonlijk niet zo goed meer werken, echter dit heeft andere redens. Haar lichaam was teveel beschadigd in de laatste jaren en ze weet nu ook, dat alle ziektes die je hebt mijn geliefde kind, en van mijn andere kinderen zo ook, van invloed zijn op haar lichaam. Ze is heel close met mij en Een met al dat is, en vanwege dit bewustzijn voelt ze deze dingen aan haar eigen lichaam. Terwijl ze binnenkort ascendeert voor een laatste maal kan ze zich al verheugen dat haar verdere voortbestaan heel wat plezieriger zal zijn.

Mijn geliefde kind, ik hou er niet van om voorspellingen te maken of datums te geven, maar in dit geval kan ik je vertellen met een hart vervuld van vreugde, dat het einde van de illusie waarin je leeft naderbij is. Ik kan je niet vertellen wanneer de sluier van vergetelheid en illusie uiteindelijk opgeheven zal worden, er zijn nog altijd wat zaken die allen uitgespeeld moeten worden.

Jouw roep voor veranderingen is gehoord, en veel dat tot nu toe is voorbereid kan nu in werking worden gezet. Ik wil niet teveel onthullen want het zal een grootse verassing voor je zijn. Een wonderbaarlijke surprise. Tot die tijd en voor altijd omhels ik je met mijn oneindige en ongelimiteerde liefde voor jou. ~

Je Hemelse Moeder.



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La Madre Divina ☆ a través de Isabel Henn Más Códigos de Sanación (5)


(Traducido del texto original en alemán)
30 de julio 2014 
Editado y traducido por Tony de Pablo 

Mi hija, hoy les voy a dar más códigos de sanación. Ha transcurrido un tiempo desde la última vez, y ahora quiero aprovechar la oportunidad mientras mi escriba está todavía en la tierra. 




Ella tuvo que lidiar primero con el fallecimiento de su querido perro con su pase a otra dimensión y también mientras recupera su completo equilibrio.  




Ha grabado en las últimas semanas en su diario y publicado su sendero y su trabajo espiritual sobre sí misma – siendo eso mismo la responsabilidad de todos. Ella hizo esto por mi deseo. Estos diarios pueden ayudarlos a encontrar y caminar su propio sendero. 




La enfermedad de su perro les ha traído muchos códigos importantes y hoy hay otros nuevos que están basados en un contratiempo de mi escriba. 




La hechicera se ha disparado en ella;) y me ha pedido el código apropiado. Hay algunos más que tienen que ver con la espalda y los problemas relacionados. 




Pero por favor, Yo les pido que vean a un médico cuando se tienen este tipo de problemas, debido a que un prolapso discal puede traernos fácilmente complicaciones o daños de los nervios. 




Los códigos de sanación que hoy les doy, deberían aliviar el dolor y en la sanación, también ayudan a revertir el daño. 




Bueno, aquí están y algunos más. 




71 91 334  para el lumbago 


87 47 838  para los problemas con el nervio ciático 


78 78 833  para un prolapso discal intervertebral 


89 87 438  para una protuberancia discal intervertebral 


81 74 311  para el eczema en general 


38 37 684  para la sensación de saciedad 


86 66 431  para la flatulencia 


18 19 811  para los primeros auxilios en un golpe de calor, junto con otras medidas 


33 14 993  para la insolación 



A estas alturas ya conocen que estos códigos numéricos funcionan muy bien. Ahora están más preparados con su uso. 




Mi escriba los utiliza muy a menudo, aunque no son tan efectivos para ella personalmente, pero eso es debido a otras razones. 




Su cuerpo ha sido dañado demasiado en los últimos años y ella sabe ahora también, que todas las enfermedades que ella tiene, y a mis otros hijos/as también afectan a su cuerpo. 




Ella está muy cercana a mí y Uno con Todo lo que Es y esta conciencia hace que sienta estas cosas en su propio cuerpo. Como pronto ascenderá, por fin ella se alegrará de que su futura existencia será mucho más agradable. 




Mi Amada hija, no me gusta hacer profecías o dar fechas, pero en este caso creo que puedo decirles con el corazón lleno de alegría, que el fin de la ilusión en la que viven está cerca. 




Yo no les puedo decir cuando el velo del olvido y la ilusión será finalmente levantado, todavía hay algunas cosas que deben unidas confluir primero. 




Sus llamados para los cambios han sido escuchados y mucho se ha preparado hasta ahora para que puedan ponerse en marcha. 




No quiero revelarles demasiado, ya que será una gran sorpresa. Una maravillosa sorpresa. Hasta entonces y para siempre los abrazo con mi infinito e ilimitado amor para ustedes. 




Su Madre Divina





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