My Journal July 26, 2014

There are so many pictures and also reports about cruelty in the world, be it now in Ukraine, Syria or Gaza or somewhere else. They are horrible and I can’t see them, they make me cry. I am an empath and these things make me so sad and lower my vibrations.

I don’t say that it is okay what happens, but I can’t take any party, not I. They are all children of the Divine Mother and Divine Father, how could I take party against any one of them when THEY don’t do it? It is impossible for me.

It is the leaders but not the people who do the crimes, even the soldiers are doing what they are told to do and they believe it is the right thing, that they are protecting their country.

The moment you are doing something, you do it in the firm belief that you are doing the right thing in this moment and even if you know it is a crime. That it is maybe the only thing you can do in this given moment. How could I judge them for doing what they believe in their heart they do the – for them the right – thing and maybe in the only way in that moment?

The forces behind them are those who know it isn’t of love but of negative energies. Not the people, not the soldiers, not the fighters.

And who am I to think I have the right to judge? Didn’t Jesus told us NOT to judge for not being judged? Am I without sin to be the one to throw the first stone? NO, NO, NO and NO!!! Not I; it was part of my preparation for this one incarnation now to be able to have compassion with the dark side in doing so many horrible deeds. I created much Karma that I had to resolve in big parts in my life now. There is still much healing to be done for and through me for this as my way home to heaven had been barred by my deeds. I descended from high to make these experiences. I killed and was killed, I raped and was raped, I betrayed, thieved and lied. I wasn’t better than the cabal is today. I hurt myself with this, I hurt my soul and this has to be healed.

My dark period ended around 2000 years ago. I had enough of the dark side and came back to the light. This life in which I healed beloved Jesus was my first life back in the light.

I know that I had my dark side and shadows in some of my past lives and I know also that many or maybe all people had them too. I am in peace with my light and my shadow sides, I accept and integrated both and in this I am whole.

The Divine and also all higher evolved beings don’t judge anybody for what people do or not do and therefore I can’t do it too.

I know those things are happening and I don’t close my eyes against it, but I refuse to give any energies into this.

Creator told Neale Donald Walsch in one of the “Conversation with God” books “that what you resist persists” and this is so true. When I fight against all that wars and crimes I resist and more of this will be created and it won’t go away.

I acknowledge that it happens and let it go and don’t fight it. But I don’t do nothing.

Each day I send my love into each heart, into Gaia’s heart and into each and every heart living in and on her. I don’t send it only into certain hearts of which I think might deserve it. No, each and every heart deserves to be loved. To be flooded with unconditional love, because unconditional love doesn’t select or seperate into deserving or not deserving. It gives and it loves. Period.

I send my love especially into those hearts of whom people might think they wouldn’t deserve it, into the hearts of the cabal and those who do cruel things and to those who are their ‘victims’. Those hearts need it the most. I send my love and my light into all hearts and I do this that all hearts may be opened and the divine spark that is in each heart may be ignited.

And there are no victims, all who die or suffer through those deeds have it written in their life contract, they did it for several reasons. Maybe they want to resolve karma with this, they want to learn special lessons or they do this out of love for humankind. Their ‘sacrifices’ help us awakening and so do the cabal too. They push us out of our comfort zone and increase the speed of awakening in creating the wish for a peaceful and lovely world in us. And the members of the cabal are children of the Divine too.

My love and my light are strong I know this and I know that I reach each heart with them. I send it into each heart that they be filled with love, peace, freedom, joy and happyness and that all this is flowing from each heart to all over the world.

Beloved Michael told me at the beginning of our conversations that I would be a warrior of the light, that I once fought at his side in his Legions of Light and I have my place back there after I ascended the first time. Now I don’t see me anymore as a lightwarrior or lightworker. I am a love worker or maybe a love warrior. LOVE is my religion, my power and my weapon although I am tired of fighting. I don’t want to fight anymore.

I LOVE instead, I love and with my love and my light I transmute negativity into more love. This is the way of the love warrior/worker because LOVE is the strongest and most gentle weapon that exists.

I see what needs to be changed and send my love and my light into it to change, to transmute. And I am straightforward to claim that I am the only one on earth who is able to work fully and sensefully with the silverplatinum flame and the diamond flame. Their use was given to me in 2012 and 2013 as I am their keeper on earth and in heaven.

I work with these most powerful and divine rays to transmute negative and lower energies into unconditional love so that it can be used for Gaia and humankind. I work each day with them and I know that I am successfull in this. I cleanse, transmute, heal and shield with them.


In my heart is peace and love, there is calmness and balance and I radiate this into my world. In being ME, in being peaceful, calm, balanced and loving I am the change I want to see in the world. The winds of change are flowing as I let my love and the divine flames flow into the world and through and into Gaia and each and every heart.

I can’t do it any other way or I would deny my Being. May people blame me for this, for putting my head into the sand like an ostrich (what I don’t do as I know and see what happens) or for doing ‘nothing’ against war and injustice or other crimes or in staying neutral. Deep in my heart I know this is the way I have to do it. I don’t blame anybody for this or for their way of doing their lightwork. It is their way and I don’t judge them for this. Maybe one day they too will know that LOVE is the most powerful energy that works without harming, blaming or judging.

I don’t focus on the negative and in this I don’t send my energies to it to nourish what I don’t like. I focus on love and peace and freedom for ALL human beings and send my energies into this what I want to see and feel and experience. I visualize a wonderful Terra Nova and in this I dream it into being. With all my heart and all my love. I love it into being.

I love all that is.

I AM the I AM


Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

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