My Journal July 24, 2014

It was a hard evening yesterday, suddenly I had much pain in my back and my left kidney region. I thought about it and came to the result that there were more old energies coming up to be released. And so I cleansed, healed and released. I worked with my flame and gave all those energies to it to be transformed. I let it go. And I did also some reiki and received some from my friend.

It is better today but not still gone. I called my physician and asked for the results of the blood testing from Monday, all okay especially liver and kidneys. This testing has to be done because the injections I receive can damage both, liver and kidneys. The nausea I can endure for this but if there would be any damage I would need to stop this treatment and don’t know what I should try instead. My hopes are lying now in these injections, that they will heal or better this auto immune rheumatism. I don’t want to take higher doses of cortisone for the rest of my life or as long as I am here.

And for today I have to do another cleansing and healing and releasing, until the pain is gone. I did one in the morning and will do another one a bit later.

Yesterday I read two messages and in both were hidden messages for me too. The first message was from the Mother through Aisha North 

She told me there that I will leave soon as I know already that my time here is nearing its end. I have my next assignments already but I have to go home first, back to Sirius to be able to do them.

The other message for me is here

I was so angry with my twins, yes I have more than one, but only one true Twin as the other half of my soul, the others are by incarnation of my true twin and in this my twins too. This is possible for Archangels and certain other Beings.

I wanted to get rid of them, to divorce myself from them for all the pain I felt with the passing of Bobby and all that happened after it. It is impossible. I wanted them to feel the pain like I did and in some way still do. I wanted to hurt them for this, and I did. 😦 I am sorry for this as it was unnecessary and there needs to be done some more ho’oponopono

I’m sorry,
Please forgive me
Thank you
I love you.

I did this too yesterday and am still doing this also for myself although I know they forgave me like I forgave them and myself.

It is just impossible to get rid of the twin. And I know the reason. It is




The love my twins have for me and the love I have for them. I tried NOT to love them, but I am totally unable to do this as love is my being, it is who I AM.


Love is the answer and the healing for all questions, troubles, illness, war, abuse, killing, hate and other things. Unconditional LOVE is the strongest power in the whole creation. Love is the substance we are made of, the essence of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father. Both are love unconditional and we are born, made, out of this wonderful energy.

Love is the bond between me and my twins and this love is inseperable, indestructible and even Michael with his wonderful blue sword wouldn’t be able to sever these bonds. Btw he wouldn’t do it either as we both have such a strong bond too. He is close family and I love him very much.

I talk again with SaLuSa and yesterday he asked me if I wouldn’t want to know when I would go and I told him NO. It doesn’t matter if it will be in two weeks or a month. Although I would prefer to go in two weeks as life in this low and dense energies is becoming more and more painful for me.

And when even they wouldn’t know how all will develop it would be senseless then to ask him. I surrender. To my twin, my team and my Higher Self. I work on being patient and staying in balance, I have my travel order so to speak and am only waiting for my flight. And I couldn’t also go before our new puppy, my son Parida – he who loves – is with us. One more week and we can bring him home.



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