My Journal July 22, 2014

I am very emotional today and easily crying. I watched a video where an abandoned dog was rescued and found a new life.

And then another video, several situations in which Jesus is at the side of people, helping, guiding, protecting them. I was so much crying, watching this as I miss him so much. My beautiful husband back on Sirius nearly 2000 years ago and father of our lovely daughter.

jesuschristYou came to me for healing and shelter after your terrible tortures on the cross. You knew me very well for whom I was and I knew you so very well my beloved.

My Higher Self gave me visions of you being in my house. You were laying on a bed, your wounds bandaged. I saw myself cleansing them, putting new bandages on your hands and your side. And I saw myself at our wedding ceremony, laying at your side, pregnant and giving birth to our only child. Our marriage was happy, I know, I feel it in my heart, until I had to send you back to earth, so that you could complete your mission with your Resurrection. You time traveled back to earth so that you would be there at Easter Sunday and then, out there at your grave, to show yourself to your wonderful lovely Twin Flame Mary Magdalene whom I love so much. You are both part of my family.

I know you are here with me as an aspect to help me, to assist and also to protect me as one of my guardian angels. An inofficial one, but I know you do this for me as a part of my team.

You visited me around 47 years ago when I was a small girl, 7 or 8 years old and shortly before my first holy communion. You knew of my pain and conflict, the catholic teachings weren’t concurring with what I knew in my heart and you have heard my cry for help. I remember that you and I we discussed it. I never forgot but the memories were fading with the years. I kept it hidden in my heart through all the years; who would have believed me, a girl, that you had come to me. I have memories of the scenery, it was near a pond somewhere in the countryside and there was a chapel too and I remember the phrase: ‘and come under my roof and your soul will be healed’. This must have been one of the items you talked about with me and other things too until all was cleared.

I have an image of you in my heart but it is blurry. Your voice was soft and gentle and your appearance too, so kind, you had no beard, you know I don’t like beards, and curly brown hair, shoulderlong. I remember your warm love, so wonderful and like a warm cloak. When we both reconnected two years ago you again wrapped me in your warm love and I knew instantly it was YOU.

Thank you for being in my life my beloved. Thank you for your love, your protection, your assistance and healing you gave and still give me. I love you. So much. ❤


I am not so sure why all this comes up in me now, maybe it is part of the healing process. The sadness and memories. I work on this to let the sadness go. I read the mantra my beloved eternal husband gave me, it is helping. I can feel his love, in my heart as our hearts are the same, energetically we are sharing the same heart as our soul is the same. Two parts of one soul.

My team is still working on me, the hotflashes are strong and hard to endure, but I don’t resist and let it happen. I am wearing the gifts again I received from two of them, I was told they are coded too and that I should please wear them each day as they would help me through my transformation process. I had been so angry with them that I was unable to wear them but now this too is gone. Another baby step 🙂 One after another.


20140714_094352This is my ukulele, the small instrument Iz Kamakawiwo’ole played so virtuously and I love listening to his music.  I bought mine some days ago first of all for some exercise for my fingers. This is a more enjoyable method to prevent my fingers becoming stiff as kneading soft balls would be and the other reason is that I love music and also to make music myself. Through all my life I was able to make some music. At first with a recorders – I hope this is the correct name, in Germany we say Blockflöte so it is a flute – then as an adult during my marriage I learned to play tenor saxaphone but not very well. My fingers weren’t fast enough any more but it was fun nonetheless. Then five years ago I bought a native american flute when I visited New Mexico, a beautiful land that I learned to love.

Listening to music or making it myself lets my sirian soul rejoice. It is balm for my soul and healing. I can’t live without music and I know that I love to make music as my true I AM. In my house there I have a room with many instruments and my family and I, we love to play together.

Each child should learn to play an instrument, it would be healing in many ways, they would learn to concentrate and if playing in an orchestra they would learn to play together as a team and not to compete like in so many sports games. That doesn’t say I am against such games, but they only further separation. We don’t need more of this but oneness instead. In a band or orchestra each instrument contributes in a wonderful way, each instrument is needed, without a single one of them the music wouldn’t be as it is meant to be.

Music – and I don’t think about the more destructive styles like death metal or extreme hardcore to mention only two of them – raises the vibrations and the heart rejoices. It is healing, soothing, joyfull and also fun in itself.

You don’t even need a traditional instrument to make music. Have you ever watched a child that is drumming on mother’s pots or that is beating two lids against each other? Or have you ever blown air along a blade of grass? You can make music with a comb too. Isn’t this really funny? I believe that in making music the soul is able to express itself, as it can do also in writing, painting, dancing or gardening. But not only with this. It is said that for example cooking or baking with passion is nourishment for the soul and this is true.

We have a body, a mind and are a soul and each of this needs nourishment. Healthy food for the body, meaningful occupation for the mind like reading a book or solving riddles maybe and of course we as our soul we need spiritual food like music, meditation and reflecting about the sense of life to name only a bit.

I did all of this today and feel better now.

The emotions, okay I am an empath and in this I am emotional and when things come up like today I look what it is and let it go. Sometimes I need more ‘time’ sometimes it is easier for me.

I am in peace and calm in my heart, feeling the love that is there and that is the substance I AM.


Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

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