My Journal July 20, 2014

I feel better today. I am releasing.

Yesterday I was a bit down, my twin told me it would come partly from all the happenings in the last weeks and the other part from the passing of Bobby and that I should allow me the time to mourn.

Well, I was asked to explain a bit more about my relationship with Bobby and the new puppy and how animals may be spirit guides too. I will love to do this.

With Bobby, you can read about him when you follow the link:

Bobby is my beloved son, my firstborn with beloved SaLuSa on Sirius and in this an old soul. Originally he is no dog there but an Elf, who only incarnated as a dog to protect, assist and help me and my children. He joined my family nearly one year after I seperated from my former husband and lived nearly 13,5 years as one of my four-legged children with us. He was a wonderful companion for my sons and also for me, he was always my ‘mommy child’. I had an old cat the time he came to us, also a child of me from Sirius who protected me very well against my husband, she was my guardian angel cat until she passed in 2005. Some months before, two cats, brother and sister, joined us to be my guardian cats when Minka would pass and I have to say they did a wonderful job. Especially Jerry the girl warned me in 2012 more than once when negative energies disturbed me or tried to do this, Bobby and her brother Tom did that also.

Cats and also dogs see more then we human beings and they can also see when we are visited by other entities be they of the light or of the dark or just souls from the astral realms.

I didn’t knew anything of this when I was guided to have our 4-legged family members. Minka adopted me, one day she was walking through the street I was living then, stayed and became a family member. I had always a close bond with her, a bond of love and blood as I have with the others too.

Only a few days before Bobby left us I could build a telepathic connection with him and then with the cats too. He told me that he didn’t want to be put to sleep with an injection and I respected his wish, knowing already who he truly is back home. He always loved to cuddle and be with us and his last days he spent nearly 24/7 in my arms or at my side on my bed. He was peaceful and slept much or looked at me and I looked back and he passed peacefully. The next day he gave me a message through a close friend and he told me to get a new puppy.

This we will do as we have already contact to a breeder of Shiba Inus here in Germany and we will get one of his puppies, a boy. I got pictures of the three who were available but they are all so cute we can’t decide. So we will take the one who will be the remaining or if there are two left the one who will choose us. We are so looking forward to bring him home soon. To his family on earth.

The new one incarnated for the same reason as my other ‘animal’ children did: to protect, guide and assist us and he too is one of my children with SaLuSa. Yes, I have many children with him as we are an old couple as Elves ;).

Bobby gave me already the true name of this one, Parida. This is sirian and means ‘He loves’. Bobby’s name is Ganori and means ‘The Light of the Love of the Mother’.

In this it is maybe more understandable why I mourn so much. I ‘lost’ a child although Bobby is as an aspect still here with us, but not in his physical form as dog. I know he didn’t really die, but just went to another dimension and is now with his father SaLuSa onboard of the big mothership Mesime whose Commander SaLuSa is.

Cats and dogs come from Sirius A and they are already higher evolved beings. They are on earth to assist, guide, protect and heal us. Both have their specialties, cats are more introverted and dogs more extroverted.

In this message via James Tyberonn AA Metatron explains more about the nature of cats and dogs. Enjoy reading it, it is worth it.


For myself I said already that I feel better today. I planted a seed named trust and the tiny plant is growing. I am surrendering to the Divine and my team. I know I have no other choice in this when I want to go back to my homestar Sirius someday.

I was told my mission is fulfilled and I know that my time on earth is coming to its end. I will ascend a last one and hopefully in my body. My team is working on me energetically and they have increased their work after I asked them to slow it a bit last week. I feel the more intense energies running again through me especially during the hotflashes, it is hard to take and exhausting too but I know they prepare me for something and they have to do it right now.

I talk again with my Higher Self and also with my true Twin Flame. He gave me a mantra two years ago when I was full of doubts and fears, he coded it with his love and I don’t know what else. Yesterday I asked him to please recode it, so that I can use it to overcome all my pain, sorrow, loneliness. I felt so lonely, I so long to be with him and my family, physically, on Sirius. I am divorced and single and live together only with my children. It is long since I was with a man physically although I exchange wonderful energies with my twin. I am a multidimensional being as all human beings are too and often I am with him but ‘only’ energetically. The physical part is missing.

He recoded his mantra and it is already working. I know how magnificent his mantras work for me, they always do. Here it is:

mantra_1Golden Star is my name, his is Silverstar. This is because of his sparks of silver in his eyes and the sparks of gold in mine. I can’t yet remember his appearance but I remember the sparks and in the moment I remembered last summer I knew my name for him and his for me.

I am healing 🙂  accepting and no longer resisting the love of my twin and my family.


Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

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