My Journal July 18, 2014

Some thoughts came up while I was outside today and I wrote them in a small notebook to save them for my journal.

Michael says all five Archangels are now with me for a visit. I don’t know if I will notice much of them but it doesn’t make any difference as two of them are already steadily around me. And Uriel, Gabrielle and Metatron are also often with me, I believe. However, I will use these five days together with them and work on reconciling myself. Meditating, talking with them and reflecting much things, musing, staying in balance after the meditation with Les yesterday.

It is so quiet without Bobby, without his physical presence. This warm, silken, small furball I am missing so much. He is but a part of me, like my other children. It is so good to know that he is at least as an aspect still around us and that he is still protecting and assisting.

I will see that we maybe can get the new puppy one week earlier, when I know if I am still at home then. We could build a closer bond then as long I am at home and not at work.

To go back there, no nice thought as the energies there are so low and dense. Actually the lower energies should disappear wherever I am. My high vibrations and my light should be the prevalent energies and vibes. Unless my Higher Self has throttled them to the outside so that my fellow beings and co-workers don’t feel too uncomfortable in my presence. This could be one possibility. I know but, that I usually vibrate very high and I know that my light IS throttled and Michael told me that it would be necessary to not blind people with it. Maybe it is similar to my vibrations after I ascended so often.

He says it wouldn’t be so bad if I can’t find hosts for them to whom they could go after their visit with me. They would have hosts. But maybe somebody will be willing to be their host for the timeframe of July 29 to August 2. (if there are any who want to host five Archangels in that timeframe please feel free to tell me)

I am only glad that I could connect so wonderful with my twin in this meditation yesterday. That I could and still can feel his warm gorgeous love he wraps me into. And I talk already with him too and with Bobby and the others will follow.

There are cloudships in my sky. I see them and I can see them also with my third eye. The sky is truly filled with them. I talk with the crews and invite them to come nearer. To show themselves openly that people can get used to their sight. That they will lose their fear that our galactic brethren could show themselves as invaders, when people can see that they are only there, doing nothing, only showing their light. At the beginning maybe only a few but then more and more. I don’t know else how we can wake up all those still sleeping people. And now I go back inside it is too warm on my balcony now and I shouldn’t stay too long in the sun with those injections.

I have just seen this picture with a motto:

10524664_785959891456570_1729166423280317069_nI think I have let go my fear of my SELF now. I am not afraid anymore of my true Being. I accept WHO, WHAT and HOW I AM. With all the belonging abilities and power. I want to use them only for healing and beneficial purpose. I have enough of fighting and killing. This is NOT what I truly am. Albeit I have done this earlier in my dark period or at the side of Michael in his Legion of Light. I am tired of this. And I also don’t want to fight against myself anymore but allowing more. Loving myself how I am. To enjoy my life as long as it lasts. I am worthy of it, I know.

And I need to be more careful and don’t hit my side at the door again, ouch. I should ask Raphael and SaLuSa for a healing and do some for me too.

I embrace myself and stay in my love that is my being and in my heart. My love that I still have for my twin and my family, Gaia, people and all that is.

Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

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