Messages from the Divine Mother

My dear friends,

I have some serious health problems for some months now and I seldom received a new message from the Divine Mother. Since Christmas the problems have increased and I don’t know if I can continue in channeling. Maybe a short one from time to time, but not on a regular basis. I need all my energies to hopefully recover and bring things back to normal also with all my bills that have a bit summed up with all my visits at my doctor and other health related things.

I love you all so much and wish you a wonderful year 2014




16 thoughts on “Messages from the Divine Mother

  1. Hello, Isabel…
    Please take time on Tues mornings, or Thursday evenings and tune in to BlogTalk Radio for weekly healing programs, hosted by Dr. Kathryn May. Amazing, blessed results and testimonials.
    Many blessings.


    • Thank you Judy, but I don’t know if she is the right person for this. My team including AA Raphael is working on this and others too. But it needs some time.

      Love and blessings


  2. Dear Isabel,
    Happy New Year and many beautiful blessings too. Reading your posts especially from Divine Mother has always leave a profound energy and insight in my heart. Thanking you for your invaluable service and love. May you have a speedy recovery.
    Blessings and nameste from the south of France


  3. Dear Maria Isabel: Take the time that you need. Only you and your guides can determine what is right for you in the moment. I know that I’m feeling a bit stressed from the new energies, so I can understand the need to just rest and recuperate. I love you; we love you and pray for a speedy recovery. Many blessings, Eliza.


    • Thank you my dear Juan, at the moment there is still no betterment, but I stay positive, do some healing on myself and trust that my team is healing me too. It is a severe illness and my only wish would be to be able to stay home, but I have to work and this is exhausting. I hope I can change some things and will request that I can do my work from home. I have to see what will hapen with my request. Love and blessings to you. ❤


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