Agartha – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn October 07, 2013


(Translated from original language german)

 My child, your scientists have told you that the Earth is a filled ball with a liquid center. This is not true. The Earth is, like most planets and stars, hollow and inhabited by the survivors of Lemuria. Aeons ago they have followed my advice and moved to Hollow Earth before Lemuria was swallowed up by the Pacific waters. Only your present Hawai’i is left. Lemuria was a high evolved society whose members have dedicated themselves to spiritual growth. Many of them are still alive today and are known as inhabitants of Agartha. They have built a thriving company and are just waiting to come to the surface and build with you the galactic society of the new earth. You’ll be able to see them when the vibrations of the population is high enough and the curtain of illusion has completely dissolved. Welcome them, because they are your ancestors and your family, my child. ~

Your Divine Mother

Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

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