Dissolving Chemtrails – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn July 12, 2013


(Translated from original language german)

My child, you don’t have yet any idea, what you can all do with your magnificent light. My scribe meanwhile dissolves the first chemtrails with her light. You know what chemtrails are, these contrails on your sky that last over hours and bring poison in your atmosphere. You can do this too. When you see a chemtrail, visualize how a lightbeam emerges from you, out of your heart, your palms or your eyes. With the eyes it is easier. They are also the gate to your soul. So imagine how a lightbeam out of your eyes leads to the chemtrail and then imagine and see how it dissolves slowly. Command to your light to dissolve these chemtrails. It works. Remain at first on one point and then go to the next. Maybe you won’t have success at once, but after a while you will see how your light dissolves these tracks in your sky. You can’t see your light yet, but it is there. And it will do it’s work, as you have command it. Don’t let yourself be discouraged by a supposed failure. But don’t doubt it, because doubts will only cause that nothing happens. Also here is valid to practice, practice, practice. You are a light being and you can achieve miracles with this magnificent energy. Believe me, my child, this is really so. ~

Your Divine Mother

Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given. http://sirianheaven.wordpress.com/

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